The Callbacks

The Callbacks

 Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

Power-pop hooks in an arena rock package. Rock and roll, pure and simple.


You smell that? Thats the stink of freshly minted rock, my friends.

We'll bring the rock. That's the Callbacks promise. We're dedicated to providing you with the finest in loud, proud, high-flying original power-pop. We come from a variety of backgrounds, wayward paths that inexorably converge at the crossroads of melody, meter, and master volume. Brandon is 50% of the mighty All Right Tokyo consortium, a renaissance outfit that has redefined what 2 guys with minimal instrumentation, natty attire, and surly attitudes can achieve. Dave is a former Civilian from Electric Lulaland with an ear for weird chords and a propensity for misanthropy. Sidi is our actor-hipster-eff-clef-maestro; he's also on a first-name basis with both Judd Nelson and Vincent Spano. Then there's Sparky--Jimmy Sparks--a pummel-drummer with a dandy's penchant for swing and a burning passion to be the first male Pussycat Doll.

Together we are the Callbacks, and we've come to rock you. We play original material rooted in the power-pop idiom; a potent mix of sweet melodic hooks and salty powerchord stomp--all wrapped around a cynical lyrical core of love, pop culture, and millennial ennui. It's fun stuff for the navel-gazing, sarcastic set. We've also been known to cozy up to some well-known pop chestnuts, having our violent, misguided way before sending them scurrying back to their rightful celebrity owners. No one is safe, from McCartney to the Cult to the Who to Joe Jackson. Since our difficult, C-section birth in the wee, small hours of 2006, we have had but one simple purpose: to have serious fun and rock the crap out of whomever will listen. Okay. Maybe thats 2 purposes but we stand by both of them. That's the Callbacks promise to you, my friends.


"The Callbacks" (2010)

Set List

Plenty of original music, plus interesting covers like Gary Numan's "Cars," Wings' "Jet," the Who's "Baba O'Riley," and Joe Jackson's "I'm the Man."