The Calm

The Calm


Rock, indie influenced by Finch, The Starting Line and early The Used. Electric performers that love their fans and get them spinning.....


This is one band that sounds better live than in the studio.

"The connection they have with the audience is just amazing" --DJ D-DRE, KSJS 90.5


Palo Alto

Written By: Ender Richardson

Palo Alto-
I’m waiting for the time when I can say I’m right
And deep inside of me, I still feel the need
But until that time I’ll wait and have the whole world at my feet
I’ll wait for you to come. I’ll wait for you in a song

Do now what you can to put me back on solid ground
Do now what you can, you can, you can you can…

Save me from this life. Pick me up from this down.
I want to feel alright so get me out of this town.
I’m searching for my dreams, they’re such sweet memories
Of the times when I didn’t feel the need

I didn’t feel the need. You can save me

Hold on now while I watch you do what you can
I’ll put my whole life all in your hands
Hold on now to this sweet calamity
I’m hoping that, that you could save me

Hey brown eyed girl, we could get away
And if you want to, I’ll make you come again
To the place where we’ll wait for the sun and then
Just leave this town (our faded dreams) We cant forget them

Why do I fall apart, at the sound of your name
Could you feel my eyes as they poured out like rain?
This is the feeling of that bitter taste again
Let’s just leave this town (our faded dreams) we cant forget them

You did, all this for me. You tore down the walls of this city
I wish I could, but I can’t baby. Save you, till you save me.
Till you save me…..


EPs: Something About Pogs, Halfway to Never and Super Start 'Em. First full length to be released in June '05. The Echo has been on Live 105 in San Francisco and at college stations. The Echo, Streetlights and Palo Alto can be found on and on Pure Volume.

Set List

No covers. The Echo, Carousel, Walking on Rooftops, Untitled, Indian Summer, Wrap Me in Skin, Quatro Dynamo, New Song (etc.) Sets range from 25 minutes to 1 hour.