The Calorifer is very Hot!

The Calorifer is very Hot!

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kind of lo-fi-beat-/ 2 minutes catchy songs played with vintage instruments. scenario is changing. punk, electronica, cabaret, psych pop... who knows?! hard to be labeled, easy to listen.


The Calorifer is very Hot! was born in 2007.
TCIVH! in 2 years has done more than 100 gigs sharing the stage with bands like Shout Out Louds, Tender Forever, Slagsmalsklubben, Apparat, Tarwater and many more.
Until now il Calorifero played [some acoustic, some electronic, some electric but usually the Full-Fool set] in New York City, France, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Nederlands, Slovenia, Prussian Kingdom, Luxembourg, Norway, Sweden and of course. Italy.


2007 "sunnyc" - homemade demotape [les diks qui sautent, France]
2007 "my work is a tomb EP" [les diks qui sautent, France]
2007 "marzipan in zurich LP" [my honey records, Italy]
2009 brand new album coming soon....

Set List

1 the nervous step of a restless mind
2 orange is a ba-ball
3 wocko
4 smelling candles
5 cats day afternoon
6 slow motion dream
7 take care go home
8 ride the snow ball
9 panda loser
10 dying bursting out
11 outside is cold for us
12 just a word award
13 poor york
14 histoire d'un petit loop

lenght: 45 minutes