The Camden Blues Band

The Camden Blues Band


Electric blues/folk rock, experimental/jazz, country, punk funkin raggae metal.


Camden Blues was born and raised in Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada. He cut his teeth growing up while playing with the legendary underground punk rock group The Speedway Detectives (96-07). As well as playing in other various groups over the years he formed The Overnight Sensations in the summer of 2006. They went on to play over 300 gigs in and around central Canada and Mid-West US states, opening for top notch bands (The Kinsey Report, Studebaker John, and many others) in their two short years together. Relocating to Toronto in the summer of 2008, and studying at the Royal Conservatory of Music, as well as privately studying with some of the city's top jazz musicians, played gigs with some of the big smoke's finest as The Camden Blues Trio, as well as solo performances all over Ontario. Now living in St Catherines, Camden hopes to land a solid backing group to take the music farther and push the limits of known definable musical boundries.


2000 - The Speedway Detetives "Live anywere and everywere" (cassette, out of print)

2005 - The Speedway Detectives "A cause for concern" (CD)

2005 - The Speedway Detectives "Live and Rare"
(cd, limited run)

2006 - Camden Blues and the Overnight Sensations - "Reality Blues"/"South" (demo cds)

2008 - Camden Blues and the Overnight Sensations "South" (never released)

Set List

Covers include:
J Hendrix - Red House

B Dylan - Things have changed