The Camerata

The Camerata


The Camerata is a rock band with progressive and funk roots. We allow ourselves to explore the regions of poly rhythmic drum beats over counterpoint bass and guitar parts to form a sound that is both cerebral to watch and appealing to the ear.


The Camerata story begins in 1999, when the romantic ideas of playing in a band first began. Through the years, there have been several changes to who The Camerata was, but there have always been three core members--Dave, Morgan, and Ryan. Throughout these changes in band membership, the look of the band may have changed, but the concept has always remained the same. That of being inspired by our lives and channeling those emotions into our music. The sound that each member brings is reflective of his experience, and together the sounds melt together to form ideas that range from harmonious peace to clashing dissonance. From the deep bass lines, to the scatterbrained melody of guitar, to the pounding of various percussive devices, each instrument becomes eerily connected to construct a place in time in which to insert the listener. What results is music that laughs and cries with its audience, vocals that wail with reflectivity and scream with command, and an overall look that makes one wonder what common experience brought The Camerata together in the first place.

While the three members are friends, each have personal influences that direct his style. While some of the influences are not directly linked to the music of The Camerata, each member recognizes the sheer importance of inspiration. Some of these inspirations include Battles, Dredg, Funkadelic, Incubus, Jeff Buckley, Miles Davis, Minus the Bear, MONO, Ours, Portugal. The Man, Primus, Radiohead, Russian Circles, Sigur Ros, The Mars Volta, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, Zach Hill, etc.

As for the name, The Camerata is appropriately labeled, reflective of the Renaissance Florentine who believed that music needed a new direction in which to aspire. Drawing from this inspiration, The Camerata feel that music is a mechanism in which to convey inner emotion, a true feeling that seems to be the only thing trustworthy in such a tumultuous world. Overall, The Camerata is a feeling that is contemplative, exciting, what always was, and what may never be.


Four streaming tracks.
Phabled Phallacies
Floating Locusts
The newest song, untitled, is the first song off of our new album "The Camerata" the other three are from our Floating Locusts E.P. We hope you them...

Set List

List of Songs:
Phabled Phallacies
Floating Locusts
Where's the Fear?
Flux Stomp
Scars in the Wood
Double Loss
Ghost Jam
Hear me out
Elemental Sky
This Fever

We have five setlists that end up going about one hour in length. This is all original material and we have not yet attempted to cover a song.