The Campaign 1984

The Campaign 1984



The Campaign 1984 is a Dirty-South Rock N Roll band out of Asheville, NC. Armed with the aggression of Hardcore and the chaos of Punk Rock, they spit out a racy blend of politically charged lyrics and in-your-face rock that would make even Phil Rudd proud. It’s as if Axel Rose transcended the period of his career where he started to suck and started writing scene music for these guys. All of the essential elements of a timeless Rock N Roll band are present; a belligerent lead singer who antagonizes the crowd (Anderson), a lead guitarist equipped with the chops of Dragon Force (Daren), a bass player “neck” enough to knock off a whole pack of Parliaments (Dakota), a rhythm guitarist who accounts for over %65 percent of the total attractiveness of the band (Justin), and a drummer who realizes the musical implications of employing the Def Leopard method, “anymore then one arm at a time is showing off (Matt).” This bands Dirty, Southern, Addictive and above all Tough-As-Nails, so if you’re in the mood to sell your soul for Rock N Roll… look no further.


"Jazz for Burning" LP