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The Canon Logic

New York City, New York, United States | SELF

New York City, New York, United States | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


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"The Romantic Takes On Nights Of Indecision"

Brooklyn's The Canon Logic is a band that takes us to the edge of the film or the paper, giving us a good look at what's on the other side. There's some smoke and a feeling of a push in the back at points on the group's latest full-length -- "FM Arcade" -- that alert us that we've crossed into a realm that's not quite real, but more in the place of wishful thinking or make-believe. It's not fantastic stuff or situations that are unbelievable, or of disbelief (there's a difference), just a difference in scenery, where the colors are a bit more vivid and we feel a tad better. We look down and we're wearing snappier clothing. We feel as if we have somewhere important to be and we're surrounded by a general sense of safety. - Daytrotter

"Review: Guilt by Association Vol. 3"

The next volume in the series is just as introspective, but it’s also a lot more fun. Canon Logic interpret Cinderella’s epic power ballad, “Don’t Know What You’ve Got (Till It’s Gone),” as a Ben Folds-esque upbeat jam full of handclaps and jaunty piano. - Alternative Press

"Album Review: The Canon Logic – Rapid Empire EP"

There’s a skill in keeping your music upbeat without paying heed to whatever darker tendencies lurk in your fringes. For their newest release, Brooklyn’s The Canon Logic serve up five tracks of steadfastly positive-sounding pop, all while lyrically exploring what the band describes as themes of “fear, solitude, risk, and perseverance.” - Consequence of Sound

"Check Out: The Canon Logic – “Nights At Armour Mansion” (CoS Premiere)"

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Check Out: The Canon Logic – “Nights At Armour Mansion” (CoS Premiere)

By Chris Coplan on February 4th, 2010 in Check Out, CoS Premiere, News

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Check Out: The Canon Logic – “Nights At Armour Mansion” (CoS Premiere)

If we presented to you The Canon Logic and simply told you, as so eloquently put by SceneWave, they were like “The Killers combined with upbeat Beach Boys like vocal harmonies and sing-it-out-loud choruses”, we’re almost sure that’d be enough for you to run out and eat up everything they’ve got to offer musically. Sadly, that alone wouldn’t be doing them and their song “Nights At Armour Mansion” justice.

The five-piece band from Brooklyn undoubtedly have taken their cues from Las Vegas’ The Killers. “Nights At Armour Mansion” finds lead singer Tim Kiely syncing up with that monotone vocal vibe that offers explosions of sound that are equally dynamic and tense from a plethora of feelings and experiences. And while the track swings and moves like some amalgamated indie dance song, with its big guitars that yawn out into that wide open sky and a heavy dose of big thudding drums, it’s a track that is both lyrically and contextually beyond any simplified rhythm you’d find on a dance floor without losing the booty-shaking circa 1986 energy. - Consequence of Sound

"CMJ Review: Canon Logic Lure Fans With Catchy Rock Songs..."

The five-piece band's energy was apparent onstage as the three guitarists and bass player jumped around the stage throughout their performance, enticing and encouraging the crowd to do the same. Their set included fan favorite "Avenue of Criminals" as well as "I've Been Sleeping With Your Best Friend," a song off their latest EP, the concept clearly chronicled within the title. "Delia" is one song where their '60s pop flavor is showcased. With strong guitar, keyboard and drum accompaniment the band seemingly takes the audience back in time.
- Annie Reuter - You Sing, I Write

"Critics' Picks, 2010 Albums of the Year"

Full of bright harmonies and "oh, oh" choruses, the piano-driven Brooklyn quintet's self-released debut album is the type of rewarding new arrival that reaffirms the joy of seeking out new music year after year. - Tuscon Weekly

"The Deli Magazine"

"TCL weave multi-layered vocal harmonies, guitar hooks and punchy piano into sugar-coated bits of infectious candy that leave you aching for more. The band's new EP, White Balloon, contains what could be some of this summer's catchiest songs..."
- Bill Dvorak

"The Canon Logic EP"

"The Canon Logic are a truly remarkable band, bringing back an old pop style while managing to make it their own... their EP hints at a bright future and tons of sunny, upbeat pop gems to use in the soundtrack for your summer."
- AbsolutePunk

"Music Junkie"

"Kudos must be given to the band’s...unassailable mix of primal rock and roll and stacked Beach Boys harmonies. Unlike the majority of their contemporaries, who labor over bloated conceptual pieces which almost always reek of an inadvertent literalist streak, The Canon Logic find layers of deep meaning in the summer breeze, the imprecations of jilted lovers, and so much more."
- Brooklyn Eagle

"Fire the Canon"

"We're suckers for happy-go-lucky nonsense word hooks, (i.e. ba dop ba ba da da!) so it's not surprise that we got hooked on "Delia," - a track from The Canon Logic. A couple of sub-scene popsters from Brooklyn, NY, the band kind of sounds like an indie version of Pet Sounds..." - Baeble Music

"MTV2's Rock Battle NYC"

"I thought there was something seminally New York about what they were doing up there... I thought they were tremendously poppy and they played so well and sung so well. And I was happy to be here to watch them."
- Chris Carrabba (Dashboard Confessional) on TCL's performance - Chris Carrabba for MTV2 and Time Warner Cable

"CMJ '08 Artists to Watch"

"Their upbeat songs and emphasis on vocal harmony exudes a Brian Wilson in Williamsburg vibe....If you have a penchant for getting songs stuck in your head and liking it, don’t miss this show." - CMJ Staff Blog - CMJ Staff Blog

"Free Music Mondays"

"Vocal harmonies and guitar hooks mix old and new with Brooklyn’s The Canon Logic." - Mashable

"The Canon Logic - "Avenue of Criminals""

"Jam packed with layers upon layers of harmony, melody and everything in between, FM Arcade is a collection of anthemic piano driven indie-pop songs." - Tuneage

"The Canon Logic"

Their recently released debut album, FM Arcade, is rife with slick musical structures and beautiful, clear vocals. Standout tracks “Dead Man” and "The Fabulist" deliver with clever, well-paced lyrics set to head-nodding melodies. The best song on the album, though, is “Nights at Armour Mansion.” Its instantly engrossing romanticism and new-wave rhythms find The Canon Logic at their most skillful. - Converse's Talk Blog


Rapid Empire EP (August 2011 - Engine Room Recordings)
FM Arcade (March, 2010)



In the Spring of 2010 Canon Logic quietly released their first full-length effort, FM Arcade. An eclectic album of powerfully catchy pop songs, FM Arcade is threaded together by an undercurrent of dark tension that bubbles to the surface on stand out tracks like Nights at Armour Mansion and Dead Man. The band - comprised of guitarists Mark Alu and Josh Greenfield, bassist Sean Enright, drummer Zach Jordan, and frontman and principal song-writer Tim Kiely - achieved growing popularity in their native NYC, supporting acts like Oh Land and the Lemonheads, and headlining Bowery Ballroom. They broadened their reach up and down the East Coast on tour, and the songs stretched even further, landing placements on CSI:NY, internet ad campaigns, and on Hollister Co. and affiliated stores’ playlists, nationwide.

In 2011, Canon Logic hooked up with NYC based record label Engine Room Recordings to craft a follow-up to FM Arcade and continue their momentum. The result is Rapid Empire. A five song EP driven by striking rhythms and an unrelenting energy, Rapid Empire offers a glimpse into a sprawling, imaginative dystopia of Tim Kiely’s creation. Themes of fear, solitude, risk, and perseverance are set against each other as a fractured narrative unfolds over dynamic soundscapes. Singularly conceived and focused, Rapid Empire delivers the sound of a young band at their strongest.