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The best kept secret in music



“decidedly rooted in solid, straightforward melody, and branches from those roots into strange and distinctive sonic territory, a whirring mix of the obsolete and the absolutely modern” - CD Review

"Uncut Magazine UK"

“stunning lp…imagine the askew, deadpan pop of early eno blended with bucolic ‘60s west coast echoes and punctuated by proto-Neptunes breakbeats” - CD Review

"NY Observer"

“this band, composed of two Toronto natives, is poised to replace the Rapture as the rock/dance hybrid that everyone’s mooning over…If these guys put their minds to it, they could probably resurrect the Electric Slide” - CD Review

"Wavelength Music Zine"

“more pretty boy hipster pop with the chops to pull it off from the posse that brought you the Russian futurists…there’s some sharp production at work here an, unlike the new Manitoba album, what d’ya know, real songs!…great in that when-you-least-expect-it kind of way that makes you want to shout ‘Hooray for synergy!’” – - CD Review


“Cansecos have made an album that bristles with eclectic charm and melodic wisdom…they revive the kind of faith in a Sound of Now that Sea And Cake so effortlessly manage with each and every outing. It’s delicious and divine stuff” - CD Review

"Broken Pencil"

“This is the first album I’ve heard and though ‘this should be a graphic novel!’…takes you to a world where sad and happy are no longer opposities…The Cansecos are ones to watch introduce a new wave of musical expression” - CD Review

"Stylus Magazine"

“an unapologetically multifaceted gem...woozy with electronic bliss and chomping at the bit with bottom-heavy beats and pummeling drum machines” - CD Review

"Delusions Of Adequacy"

“Torontonian post-poppers The Russian Futurists and Manitoba have released synthesized, minimalist works to significant acclaim – similar praise should be bestowed upon The Cansecos for their unique, engaging debut album” - CD Review

"Lost At"

“Even MacGyver would have to admire The Cansecos' ingenuity. Armed with a four-track recorder, some obsolete, broken-down computers and little more, save their limitless imaginations, Toronto's Bill Halliday and Gareth Jones jerry-rigged a pipe bomb of quirky, buoyant pop that blows up whatever preconceived notions you have of electronic music. ” - CD Review


The Cansecos - 2003

II - Fall 2005


Feeling a bit camera shy


The Cansecos

Seemingly the only thing Toronto does better than take money out of the pockets of its penniless musicians, is give them the ingenuity to create consistently astonishing music in spite of their lack of resources. Recently, lone electronic visionaries Matthew Adam Hart (The Russian Futurists) and Dan Snaith (Caribou, ex-Manitoba) drew ecstatic praise from the international music press for making aural mountains out of financial molehills ¯ emotionally rich, sonically widescreen mini-symphonies produced in bedrooms for less than most semi-solvent artists spend consulting their stylists for an hour.

A part of this gifted community of sonic paupers for years, but only now ready for their close-up, are Bill Halliday and Gareth Jones, collectively known as The Cansecos. Friends since their high school years in the slow-moving Toronto satellite city of Barrie, Ontario, the pair of 27-year-olds spent two years creating their self-titled debut CD, using little more than some outdated, falling-apart computers and a four-track recorder. When not tending to the album’s protracted birth, Halliday forged a reputation as a promising director of short films and music videos (including Manitoba’s “Dundas, Ontario” clip); Jones, a burgeoning music-business entrepreneur, established Upper Class Recordings, home to The Russian Futurists, Edmonton’s wordsmith Cadence Weapon, as well as his own group, and the hotly-tipped Washington, DC duo Food For Animals.

The Cansecos a constantly mutating but always engaging mosaic of cut-and-paste experimentation and classic pop melodicism, live instrumentation and imaginative programmed beats, dark ruminations and playful humour.

After cutting their teeth at high profile performances at CMJ 2004 and, Pop Montreal 2004, Jones and Halliday quickly began assembling their vision for the follow up to their self-titled debut. Six months of determination has paid off as The Cansecos, will unleash their new Daft Punk influenced indie-pop vision this coming fall (2005).

Upper Class Recordings is finalizing an extensive and imaginative world-wide mission for The Russian Futurists, The Cansecos, Cadence Weapon and Food For Animals. It is Upper Class Recording’s plan and our purpose to ensure that every experience will be a unique moment of delirious sounds and dazzling sights.