The Cansecos

The Cansecos


Electronic psych-dance-pop visionaries on record, technically advanced electro show on stage - The Cansecos have been on fire in 07/08 releasing their new album Juices! the remix album Juiced!, remixes for Black Kids, Sally Shapiro and Small Sins, and shows with Lo-Fi-Fnk, Hearts Revolution, SXSW+


The Cansecos put pop songs into space suits and float them away in every direction.

This sonic construction crew consists of Toronto writing/production duo Bill Halliday (Billionaire) and Gareth Jones (Generous G), and rhythm ace duo Paul “Princely P” Prince (bass) and “Stealy” Dan McCormick (drums). Jones and Halliday go back to high school in Barrie; The Cansecos is the third incarnation of their musical combinations, but the theme has persisted: They love pop songs and they love engaging productions. But what sets them apart from many collaborators is that most of history’s arrangements of this sort involve a producer and a writer, and then a band, yet Halliday and Jones play all roles; that is - both of them play both writer and producer and play most of the instruments on their songs, making for probably one of the more eclectic songwriting/production duos in pop’s young history.

Their self-titled debut album (Upper Class Recordings 2003) was created using little more than some outdated, falling-apart computers and a four-track recorder, but the resulting sound, feel, image…is something truly original yet enjoyably - not taking itself too seriously. These early inventive pop productions have been celebrated in music circles, and some commercial success was had when The Cansecos landed the track “A Common State Of Being” in star-Canadian director Aubrey Nealon’s debut feature-length film A Simple Curve while Nike was using Cansecos tracks for their workout mixes, as well as The Cansecos “s/t” ending up with raving reviews from the likes of, Uncut Magazine, and the NY Observer.

After keeping quiet for 3 years while assembling a live band, a new arsenal of instruments and computers and creating new audio blueprints, Jones and Halliday’s experimentation with cut-and-paste sampling vs. intriguing pop melodies, live instruments vs. programmed beats, analog mixed with digital, dark ruminations vs. playful humour has seemingly spiked in the last year. In July 2007 they announced the coming of their new studio album “Juices!” in November but immediately released a free downloadable remix album “Juiced!” of the forthcoming studio album. “Juiced!” is likely the first ‘premix’ on record, it being a remix released before the actual release, not to mention it being an entire album remixed!

While the studio album “Juices!” took The Cansecos over two years to make, including enlisting the help of Adam Nunn (Radiohead, Air) to help finish the album at Abbey Road Studios, nobody is quite sure what inspired them to remix the entire record to rare and popular disco classic cut up instrumentals to make “Juiced!”, and then to release it ahead of the actual album, for free download, but this is exactly the ingenuity the band is becoming known and celebrated for, and the fact that those antics only make “Juices!” even better, is a credit indeed. “Juiced!” is still available as a free download at, in addition to a new disco mix they released called “Disco Showers”.

Recently, in addition to heading out on a Canadian tour, hitting NYC, playing showcases at Canadian Music Week and SXSW, The Cansecos have been producing like wildcats, recently completing remixes for Sally Shapiro “Hold Me So Tight” (for Remix Romance Vol. 1), label-mates The Russian Futurists “Let’s Get Ready To Crumble” (MySpace Exclusive), and Black Kids “Hurricane Jane” (Almost Gold/Columbia - June 23), mixing and doing production on the new studio album by The Russian Futurists “The Weight’s On The Wheels” and working on 2 new records of their own.


The Cansecos "Juices!" (Upper Class, 2008)

The Cansecos "Juiced!" - full album released in Jul/07 on internet through

The Cansecos "The Cansecos" (Upper Class, 2003)

Black Kids "Hurricane Jane" (The Cansecos Remix) on "Hurricane Jane" CD Single - label: Almost Gold/Columbia, released June 2008

Sally Shapiro "Hold Me So Tight" (The Cansecos Remix) on "Remix Romance" - label: Paper Bag Records, released April 2008

Small Sins "Holiday" (The Cansecos Remix) exclusive iTunes avail through Boompa/Astralwerks

The Russian Futurists "Let's Get Ready To Crumble" (The Cansecos Remix) - MySpace Exclusive 2007

Vivek Shraya "Your Name" (The Cansecos Remix) 2007

Madrid "Reply To Everyone" (The Cansecos Remix) - exclusive album bonus track

Set List

Ince Ince (cover of Turkish Funk 70's rebel Selda)
Hold Me So Tight (live rendition of Sally Shapiro Remix)
Nothing New To You (Juices!)
Raised By Wolves (Juices!)
What It Was You Said (The Cansecos)
Beyond The River (Juices!)
Rise Up/Lunar Landing/Fight Yellow (three tracks blended together and played live from the Juiced! remix album)
"Hurricane Jane" (Black Kids cover played in the style of The Cansecos' remix of the song)