The Canvas

The Canvas


We are a focused, eclectic, jam rock band. Within the framework of crafted songs, we keep it fresh every time. You never know what you'll get at a canvas show, but it'll always be exciting.


We have known each other in various comings and goings for a long time, but the time was right about seven months ago for us to play together. The magic happened and it's been full speed ahead since then. While we all come from different musical backgrounds, we still share a love for the spontaneous. Zappa, Phish, Grateful Dead, Pink Floyd, and too numerous other musics to list here. What sets us apart from other bands is the amount of sound we create with only three traditional rock instruments and a percussionist. We all get very high on the sounds we make with our respective instruments, whether it be in the confines of our own homes, or in front of a large crowd. It's about the energy.


wayfaring angels- EP
daily airplay on The wildcat 91.9
101.5 K-rock Manhattan Kansas

Set List

doves, shadows>haze, everywhere you go, A-jam>hard knock life, vengeance, Dave's jam, night>day, knarr, slide jam>fast blues, snakes. Covers: Phish "tweezer", Grateful Dead "fire on the mountain". Our sets range from one hour to two and a half hours.