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TOO BAD (2006)



African ..Af"ri*can.., noun : A native or inhabitant of Africa; also one ethnologically belonging to an African race Hip-Hop, noun : an urban culture associated with rap music and the fashions of African-American residents of the inner city; cultural movement expressed through music, art and dance; a universal way of thinking and living Combine these two words together and you have the true definition of the twosome act known as The Canz. Raised in Ghana, West Africa, this rap duo consists of brothers David and Fred Amponsah, better known on the mic as Prominent and The Foster Child. “Being from Africa doesn’t make us any different from other rappers”, says Prominent, the older of the two. “It just makes us unique and gives us a broader perspective of what’s going on in the world. Really you can say we have one up on most rappers because we have more to talk about”. Growing up in Ghana, the hip-hop culture was not in full effect during The Canz adolescent years. It wasn’t until they became teenagers that Ghana became more exposed to the rap phenomenon. “We knew there was this style of music out called rap, but we didn’t have the outlets to listen to it”, says Foster. “I remember our older brother came home one day with a tape of KRS-One and Run DMC; from the second he pressed play I was hooked”. Immediately acquiring an appreciation for rap, The Canz began writing music together in hopes to battle against other local rappers. With the help of two other Ghana natives; they created a group known as Haatsville. Still a part of the four man group, Prominent decided to venture off and do some solo work on the side. He became known on the underground as The Rapathologist. Showing off his skills whenever he could, it wasn’t long before he gained a reputation as being one of the best emcees on the Ghanaian hip-hop scene. Following his brother’s path, Foster began to battle as a solo emcee as well. “I was like 13 and I had cats twice my age scared to go verse for verse with me ‘cus they didn’t want to get embarrassed by a kid”, he chuckles, “Some older rappers think just because you’re young you don’t have much to talk about. But I don’t think age has anything to do with it, you either hot or you not, PERIOD”. In the late 90s, along with the rest of their family, The Canz left Ghana in pursuit of better opportunities. After making pit stops in London and Amsterdam, they finally relocated to the United States by way of Atlanta, GA. After graduating from high school The Canz decided to take their love for hip hop more seriously. Searching for stardom in a city where the rap movement was taking over, The Canz thought it would be simple to become known emcees. But being of African descent created some obstacles for the duo, formerly known as The Rapfricanz. They were constantly ignored strictly because of their nationality. “When we first started trying to put our music out there people didn’t even want to hear us out”, recalls Prominent. “It was like a gift and curse. One day we might gain a fan ‘cus we’re from Africa and another day we can’t even get a crowd ‘cus they heard we’re from Africa”. Determined to be recognized as skillful artists regardless of their nationality, The Canz continuously worked on their lyrical content and unique delivery. In 2004, The Canz released their debut album “Culture Shock”. The album received great reviews locally and allowed them to open for popular acts like T.I., Rick Ross, Talib Qweli, Pastor Troy and Lil John. Although The Canz were getting more exposure, they still felt as if they weren’t being accepted as serious artists. Disappointed with the music business, The Canz took a two year hiatus, almost completely turning their back on music. In 2006, The Canz re-emerged with the release of their first mixtape titled “Welcome to the Troubleland, Vol. 1”, hosted by DJ Infamous of The Aphilliates. Infamous, who has worked with artist like, Young Jeezy, T.I., DJ Khalid and T-Pain, put his mark on the album and made it complete. The mixtape featured the hit single “Too Bad”, which received moderate radio play in the Atlanta metro area. Developing some interest from local A&R’s, The Canz felt it was time to seek management to provide them with guidance on the business side things. In 2007, they teamed up with Glenn Johnson of Glenn Jay Management. With the help of Glen, The Canz became a more polished act. “I knew they had it from the moment I met them. They had maturity and determination that you don’t see in a lot of other artist”, say Johnson. “The way they presented themselves drew me in. Then I heard their music…It was a wrap! I knew I had to get on board”. Still paving their way through the music industry, The Canz continue performing new material throughout the Atlanta area. Now with an ever growing fan base, the duo has begun hosting their own showcases featuring themselves and other local artist. Currently The Canz are working on new projects with the Aphilliates and an upcoming