The Capes

The Capes


Hailing from the same South London community of musicians and artists as Bloc Party, Clor, Art Brut and The Koreans, The Capes have come to "reclaim pop" music from the major label monstrosity it has become.


The Capes debut album 'Hello' just moved to number 23 in the CMJ Top 200! Is a Top 20 position coming this week?
Things are changing very quickly these days. You could call it a revolution, you can call it an invasion -- call it what you will, The Capes are rapidly catching the public’s ear. We call it a rescue.

With all the stealth and superhero qualities associated with the band’s namesake, the South London quintet burst upon the scene at a time when the UK music industry had turned a deaf ear to the typically bohemian, sleazy art-rock coterie in favor of sounds coming from northern regions like Manchester and Glasgow. Soon thereafter, however, The Capes were causing quite a stir:

“…as South London starts producing great bands again, wiser heads will cock an ear…a broad and eclectic mix of art-rock, punk-funk, ska, blues and thrashy soul, all bubbling up from a scene that has managed to grow the past five years, hidden from the media spotlight. South London means bands like The Capes…Mower…Ludes…Bloc Party. These bands are suddenly bursting out of involuntary exile and preparing to storm the charts.”
--Stephen Armstrong, London Sunday Times

Meeting at the ultra-cool hub of art and music, Goldsmiths College, Kris Barratt (vocals, guitars) and Richie Gladman (keys, guitars, bv’s) got together in the rehearsal rooms with buddy Rupe Cresswell (bass, bv’s), sharing studio space with their school mates Bloc Party and Mower. They started jamming some tracks in what was to become the embryonic stages of the band. After a little while testing out drummers they brought in an old friend Rupe Phelps and started gigging. Realizing they wanted to give things more sonic depth they soon recruited Cresswell’s younger brother Nick (guitars, keys, bvs) and here The Capes were formed.

The Capes’ sound echoes bands as diverse as Blur, The Super Furry Animals, The Olivia Tremor Control, The Beach Boys to Lou Barlow and XTC, meeting somewhere in between, at a huge explosion of buzzsaw guitars, squelchy old analog synths and soaring West Coast harmonies.

“Whilst contemporaries rage at the world in damp rehearsal rooms and candle-lit bedsits, Kris Barratt has conceived a tune-heavy post-millennial survival guide.”
--Paul Moody, NME

A growing buzz led to interest from US indie Hard Soul Records, which delivered the band’s mini-album Taste to the public this summer, and now bring you their full-length album Hello.

The band enjoyed immediate success with the release of their US debut Taste. With the simultaneous street release and radio add of the EP on July 12th, Taste unexpectedly found itself the nation’s 13th most added at college radio. From there, Taste exploded in every direction enjoying 12 weeks in the CMJ Top 200 peaking well inside the Top 75.

Coupled with their tightening grip on college radio, Taste has become a fast favorite of Commercial Specialty Radio, making across the board Top 20 entries in all the Commercial Specialty Charts within a week of its add date, and being played nationwide on alternative radio shows; including regular appearances on Sex Pistol Steve Jones’ “Jonesy’s Jukebox”(Indie 103.1), Nic Harcourt’s “Morning Becomes Eclectic”(KCRW), and Rodney Bingenheimer’s “Rodney on the ROQ” also featured on his daily “Flashforward”(KROQ). Coinciding with their gig at CMJ Music Marathon this September, the band was asked to play a live set for college radio mogul KEXP at the Museum of Television and Radio, which was broadcast nationwide and podcast worldwide.

The Capes’ first long play Hello is slated for release on October 11th, produced by Lenny Franchi (Bjork, The Music, British Sea Power) the album is packed full of the strongest Power Pop this side of the Buzzcocks. Art-rock anthems that flaunt barnstorming guitar riffs paired with Barratt’s spiky vocals switch up with surfer-veiled honey-harmonied tracks that slow to cotton-candied sunsets boys secretly want to love.

Put it on immediately and see what they’re talking about. The Capes have come to reclaim pop music from the major label monstrosity it has become, and their crusade continues with their freshman album Hello.


"Taste" EP: July 12th Release - Hard Soul Records
"Hello" LP: October 11th Release - Hard Soul Records