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The best kept secret in music


"Free Time Magazine"

'The Capitals captures great energy and inspired musicianship... with mature vocals that belie their age and cool instrumental seques... I want to hear more from these guys!' - Michelle Picardo


'The Capitals represents the return of emotionally charged 'stripped down' rock music, much like the once young rockers of the late 60s and 70s (The Minute Men, Elvis Costello, The Stones, Beatles), as well as contemporary indie stars like The High Dials, The Strokes, and Built To Spill'... Nick Marinaccio - Nick Marinaccio

"Street Sounds"

'The Capitals re-energized raw throw back sound, catchy melodic hooks and intelligent indie rock arrangements will undoubtedly become top critics' picks to rave about in the years to come'... Carl German - Carl German

"Local Band"

Local band looks toward big audition
By Colin McLaughlin-Alcock/The Journal-Register

Life keeps getting more exciting for members of Medina band The Capitals.

The band, which has been together for eight years will be recording in a professional studio, thanks to well-known producer, Jeff
Glixman, who has made the band a project of his.

"They are young committed musicians who have made massive strides in the
four years since they came to my attention," Glixman said.

Glixman's involvement with the band could open up a lot of doors. He plans
to use his connections to shop the recordings around to various labels along with their manager Aaron Burton.

With enough exposure, the band hopes a major signing may be in the future

"It comes down to the songs," Guitarist/Vocalist John Pritchard said.
"They've got to see something different or magical, so that's what we're focusing on."

The band draws on diverse influences that range from the jazz they learned
in the Medina High School music programs to the sounds of Pink Floyd, Black Sabbath, Radiohead and the Red Hot Chilli Peppers.

"We have a wide range of knowledge and composition, and we try to
incorporate it all in our music," Pritchard said.

The band will be working hard to prepare for their audition by playing gigs in Detroit, Cleveland and New York City but first, they will be putting on a rare show in their hometown.

The Capitals will perform 10 p.m. tonight at the Apple Orchard Inn

"That will be the first show we've played in our hometown in two years,"
Pritchard said. "We haven't been playing locally because we've been
concentrating on behind the scenes stuff and other areas of the state."

They've worked hard on pulling together their stage show and tightening up their sound. Now the hard work may be paying off.

"If you come out, you'll see a nice tight band that knows what they're
doing," said Drummer, Jay Pritchard, John Pritchard's brother.

"We're a band that pays attention to the fine details in songs," John
Pritchard said. "We're aware of the audience while staying musical." - Colin McLaughlin-Alcock/The Journal-Register


Far Fetched Frequency - 10 Song EP / Self Produced
The Capitals - 4 song self-titled EP / Produced by Jeff Glixman
Garage Sessions - 4 song EP / Self Produced


Feeling a bit camera shy


These days it seems most new bands, local or national, are merely a slight variation of homegenized, whitewashed modern rock. The Capitals are not one of these bands. John and Nick (the older halves of this set of brothers) met in elementary school and started writing songs together by fifth grade. They played with some friends for a few years before brining their brothers, Pete and Jay into the band. A natural fit, the two sets of brothers formed The Capitals.

The Capitals are not your typical young rock start wannabes. With an eclectric collection of influences ranging from undeniable pioneers such as Buddy Rich, The Minute Men, The Clash, and The Beatles to Red Hot Chili Peppers, Radiohead and The White Stripes, they have cumulated a musical intelligenence that rivals that of most bands twice their age.

When you first hear this band play the immediate impression is that of slight awe soon yielding to pure enjoyment of crafty song writing and solid, vise grip tight rhythms. Although it often seems a disservice to describe a bands sound with mere words, you may say that they are someplace in the realm of revival rock with an "indie" appeal without the snobbish, too-cool-for-school attitude. The Capitals have managed to refine their craft without losing their soul. The vocals are powerful and carry meaning in their tones as well as words. Imagine Joe Cocker without the cigs on set of pipes merely 21 years old. Guitars ring in all their tube amp glory, with raw blues chords topping off with delicate single strings drones, plucks and wails. All this is glued firmly together by a prodigal rhythm section, not afraid to push the boundaries with odd timing and pararhythms.