The Capsules

The Capsules

 Lawrence, Kansas, USA

Julie and Jason Shields, formerly of the band Shallow, come together again as The Capsules to create their new melodic masterpiece, Someone for Everyone. The album combines two of their signature sounds - dreamy swirls and noise-laden hooks - all pulled together by Julie's beautiful and pure voice.


If you listen closely enough to The Capsules’ new album, you might just hear one of those tornados that their hometown of Lawrence, KS is famous for. It cascades through the music, dancing around Julie Shields’ angelic voice, cutting through Jason Shields’ whale-like bass lines and rumbling over Kevin Trevino’s loop-driven drum beats. It's the hidden fourth member of The Capsules; that makes a three-piece rock band sound like a sonic whirlwind.

It's a sound that the Shields have been chasing since their early days as Shallow; a band that played the entire 1996 Lollapalooza tour and shared bills with other sonic adventurers like Garbage, the Flaming Lips, Luna and Mercury Rev. It's also a ghost that stayed with them as they formed their new band in 2001. The Capsules' certainly started off on the right track, as their first project was recording a song for Nickelodeon's "SpongeBob SquarePants". They quickly followed that up with the release of their first full-length album, "Reverser” on Urinine Records.

The Shields' have just finished up their fifth album as musical partners and second as The Capsules titled Someone for Everyone. This is a remarkable recording in which every song is seemingly better than the one before. A unique record in which practically every song could be a single due to its catchy hooks and bold, dynamic arrangements. These moments are tempered with a sublime beauty reminiscent of Radiohead or Coldplay; evidence of The Capsules' continued maturity as songwriters and performers.

Live, The Capsules replicate the immense sound of their records with help from various electronic gadgets. Samplers and an impressive array of vintage guitar pedals serve to round out an already thick sound.

If you were to put The Capsules in a time capsule today, you'd be able to dig it up 20 years later and find a band peaking creatively and at the execution of their craft. Time will tell if Julie and Jason Shields join the upper echelon of rock couples, but until then, they'll continue stirring things up wherever they go.


My Lucky Stars

Written By: Julie Shields / Jason Shields

Sometimes I lie awake and thank the stars above
You’re in my life
How am I so lucky and so loved?
All the while, we’ll pretend
This never has to end
I’m amazed my lucky stars
Have followed me this far
Wide awake, knowing that it’s going to take
A little time
Waiting for an answer or a sign
All the while, we’ll pretend
This never has to end
I’m amazed my lucky stars
Have followed me this far
Don’t lose your hold
Don't fade away
Don’t let me go
You're guiding the way

Starting Tomorrow

Written By: Julie Shields / Jason Shields

A darkness walks in front of you
Can’t get through
Why are you escaping nothing?
Will you ever see the world as I do?
We’re here today, don’t let that slip away from you
We’re not here to crush you
Like they do
Who you were is still there somewhere
Will you ever see the world as I do?
We’re here today, don’t let that slip away from you
You’re not alone
Don’t listen to the voice in your head
Alone again
Don’t listen to the voices in your head


Written By: Julie Shields / Jason Shields

Time can’t seem to slow down
The slideshow I’ve found
Now that you’re not around
Of all the slides in the show
You have the most
Brilliantly colored glow
I need Light Speed
To bring you back to me
Darkest room turns to bight
From the light
You push through your golden eyes
When will I begin
To fill in the blanks
To get back to you again
I need Light Speed
To bring you back to me
Slides of ways you filled my days
Now fill my mind with memories
Lost in a tidal wave
Remembering your face
And thinking of yesterday
Time can’t take away
The slideshow of mine
Filling your empty space


Long Distance Dedication - Vespera Records
Home EP - Vespera Records
Someone for Everyone CD - URININE Records
Light the Path 7" - Isota Records
Reveser CD - URININE Records

Set List

We play all original material, no covers. Songs are taken from all our releases, focusing on the newest release. We can play as long as needed, but tend to keep it around 45 minutes. A typical setlist might be:

1) Visual Searching Pattern
2) Lift Off
3) My Lucky Stars
4) Day Sweeper
5) They All Went Quietly
6) Light the Path
7) Reverser
8) Turn to Stars
9) It Hangs Over Me