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The Captain Legendary Band

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Country Americana




"Rocktimes- TCLB Live"

Anticipation - that is, for example, the feeling when the morning sun heralds a hot day and you have plenty of delicious Hochwald steaks in the fridge and plenty of charcoal in the shed. Anticipation, it is also when a CD flutters into the house, whose cover promises ever optically pure good music when you read that the musicians from Baton Rouge, Louisiana come and when the double album from an acoustic and an electric set consists. All signs that as an album is on the table, which is expected to take off with security from everyday mountain of new releases.
And in fact the result of the show of 4 May 2013 Firehouse Salon in Houston, TX is a veritable explosion of Glückshormonausschüttraketen. Do not worry, though, the word Country falls: With Nashville glossy Captain Legendary band now has really nothing to do. Is Country - the rock guild - indeed the foundation of all stylistic ingredients, so may be safely maintained that the brothers Charlie and Jeff Hager, Aaron Bancroft and Matt 'The Kid' grudge the wide field that has the best Roots, Jam-, folk, Southern rock and plants grow, have been harvested to the last succulent stalk. With two guitars, bass and drums, they inspire the clubs, especially in Texas. The Academy of Texas Music has named the Captain Legendary band as "Live Band of the Year".
Full overlay live biplane that follows her studio album "Smoking Barrel" led the Academy of Texas Music again to pronounce nominations: "Vocal Group of the Year" and "Album of the Year." That's more than okay. Especially when acoustic set will be clear about what vocal abilities the AoTM was probably thrilled. And as for the "Album of the Year," this disc will probably come in the very narrow choice of my record of the year. It must really be a shame for the business, be said that "TCLB Live" was completely financed by the fans. The world is bad and not at all fair. Kudos to the agency Teenage Head Music, the first, gave me this horny disc into the player and brings the band towards the end of the year to Germany. During the year, a studio EP will come on the market, but I wish for a more live record, go for the live from like a hungry alligator.
Everything fits like peas and carrots. Outweighs the Country, then we get the guitar plucked and beaten. Absolutely harmonious vocals and chords, but never shallow, never the pedal steel, mandolin being used to sülziger campfire. Used present but subtle they can rather pick up the ice-cold beer from the cooler, as the Southern Comfort bottle. Of course you can lie down on the grass, rocking with the boot tops and watch the Cowgirls dancing. But to look to Nashville, you would need quite a very strong binoculars. Somewhere near play the Drive-by Truckers, Pure Prairie League and Waylon Jennings.
Not outweighs the Country, or is added the electric component, then pull off the neighbors and the houses to be resurfaced. "NE TX Women" has everything that makes a very good Black Crowes song. Joining them will be a slow rhythm bouncender à la Widespread Panic. The troop can jam, and how! Everything fits together. The instruments are controlled, the moods and harmonies also (especially gorgeous here, "The Captain") and let live guitars now let the Stars and Stripes fluttering in the pick-ups. Again and again new neighbors on the land down here and there and now blows the Rebel Flag. Alone "Smoking Barrel" is fundamental, "TCLB Live" in every Southern rock record collection. On the old style heroes here are the guitars they given spores that there is a real beauty. The smoker smokes, the beer is ice cold, the world is beautiful.
How strong is the Captain Legendary band dominates the jam profession and how ingenious ideas you can come, proves "Where Did I Go Wrong". The Country Jam rocker gains momentum, shuffelt by the minute, southern moderate Double Leads season the ride ... until a break gives birth to an 'other' key, the ride comes to a halt and all of a sudden "Ticking away the moments did make up a dull day "is sung. Not only singing, the guitar is now spherical and believe it or not, the troupe has Pink Floyd's "Time" just as fitted to later weiterzujammen seamlessly and with perfect transition again.
So you could now give each track a paragraph, but to lack of time. The steaks are done and I have to the party on this hammer band. Once the dates have been for Germany, we will inform you.
Shit, I need the Double Leads away, otherwise the meat sweep from the grill.
Charlie Hager (lead vocals, acoustic and electric guitar)
Aaron Bancrift (acoustic and electric guitar, harmony vocals)
Jeff Hager (bass)
Matt Groll (drums)

Special guest:
Billy Jo High (pedal steel guitar, mandolin, acoustic and electric guitar) - Rocktimes

"The Captain Legendary Band TCLB - Twilight Magazine"

If fans raise money for their favorite band can record a live album, then one may well assume that it is indeed an awesome live band. And what is to deliver the Southern rocker with this double live CD actually more than worth listening to.

Originally from Baton Rouge, Louisiana to arise, the guys fingers have begun to play in the entire southern United States sore - and hopefully soon also in Europe. Until then white over 2 hours to maintain this double CD best. With her acoustic set, the guys serve all country music fans - especially those who are not on smooth pop-country so. With their songs of four is somewhere between STEVE EARL GARTH BROOKS and - especially "Back Home" is reminiscent of "Much Too Young". With "P & TW" represent the Yanks their party skills to the test. Charlie Hager proves to be a master of honky tonk vocals and Billy Jo High leaves to the Steel Guitar sigh.

On the second CD, it is then much more rock, now that the current guitars are plugged. Accordingly, it is the finest Southern Rock and Alternative Country, which lies somewhere between TRAVIS KICKS, THE BLACK CROWES and Lynyrd Skynyrd. Songs like the instrumental "Harry The Beast Stomp" or the jaunty "Flyin '" turn out to be a real Country Party Kracher. But of course there is also plenty of opportunity for heartache and wanderlust, such as at "The Captain". The matching degree provides the title track of their last studio album of the band: "Smoking Barrel".

THE CAPTAIN LEGENDARY BAND is a real insider tip for all fans of honest and handmade Alternative Country. All those who like their Johnny Cash shirts have to sport and otherwise never heard of a country band with pride, however, may quietly continue to pay at EMP on it which bands you must currently present on the chest to be hip. For these people, the THE LEGENDARY BAND CAIPTAN's too bad. However, GARTH BROOKS & Co who are in the closet and in the mood for good second best hour Country music has, I can recommend this double CD highly enough - Twilight Magazine

"Real Music Hamburg, Germany"

The Captain Legendary band come from Baton Rouge, LA, and are likely one of the hottest discoveries in recent times. They combine various elements of American roots music and the classic country and thereby are characterized by a style between Southern and Country Rock that even a skeptic of country music will really like. As inspiration they cite Waylon Jennings, Willie Nelson, Marshall Tucker, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Merle Haggard, Jerry Jeff Walker, Drive-By Truckers, The Black Crowes, Ozark Mountain Daredevils and The Outlaws, which you can appreciate in the sound of their music without ever getting the impression that the riffs are stolen. The band has already gained a loyal following throughout the Southeastern United States, as well as in Texas, and now they're coming to Europe for the first time. The lead singer and mastermind of the band is Charlie Hager, who is accompanied by his brother Jeff Hager and Aaron Bancroft and Matt Groll. We look forward to the Captain Legendary Band! - Real Music

"The Captain Legendary Band- Best In Texas Magazine - July 2011"

Forgive me for borrowing a line from a
famous ad campaign:
“With a name like
The Captain
Legendary Band,
it has to be good!”
It's certainly
one of the most
unusual names on
the Texas scene.
Baton Rouge based
Hager and the
Captain Legendary
Band borrowed part of their name from
Captain Morgan rum. “Legendary” was
inspired by a bumper sticker for the legendary
Sun Studios in Memphis. It was
on the wall behind the bar in Baton Rouge
where they played their first gig.
The band was formed while Charlie was at
LSU, a school that's no stranger to large,
rowdy crowds on a Saturday night.
Starting in a vibrant college town allowed
the fledgling band to hone their craft in
front of familiar people. “We had the
advantage from the start to play places
where you can have a base of fans,” he
Playing before rabid crowds on Friday
nights in Baton Rouge prior to a big game
on Saturday gave the band tremendous
One of the drawbacks to the band's rigorous
touring schedule these days is missing those
special Saturdays. “I definitely miss the barbequing,
the jambalaya, and the tailgating that
starts at 5:30 or 6:00 in the morning prior to a
Saturday night game,” Charlie says. “It's a pretty
cool atmosphere.”
Their latest CD is Smoking Barrel and it's the
band's best to date, in my opinion. The lead
single “Down” is something you can imagine
Kris Kristofferson writing and singing: “I got
drunk this morning with intentions of forgetting
you by noon.” It's a great ode to drinking away
a relationship, and it's no surprise that
Kristofferson is one of Hager's songwriting idols.
Hager says the song “Down” was originally going
to be a stripped-down “hidden track” on the
record. “Then producer Billy Joe High got hold of
it,” Hager says. “He spiced it up and said, 'This
could be a single.' Sure enough, the promoter
picked this as the first single, and I'm really
glad.” High, whose production skills were honored
by the TMA in 2009, is up for the same
honor this year for his work on Smoking Barrel.
Hager, who wrote the majority of the songs on
Smoking Barrel, has been the primary songwriter
since the inception of the band. He admits to
not having a writing “process,” per se, but he
believes in practice. “Definitely, you have to
work at it to get better at it. If I haven't written
in a while, I will make it a point to sit down and
make myself write,” he says.
“You always hear people – especially
when they are starting out – say, 'I
write from my
“unless you
only plan to
make two
records, eventually
you will
have to make
stuff up!”
admires story
songs, especially
Robert Earl Keen's, saying, “He's one
of the best at that type of song.” Hager
also cites affection for the great Southern
Rock bands of the 70s, like Lynyrd Skynyrd
and The Outlaws.
The band just received news that they
were accepted by Pandora for a Captain
Legendary Band station. That will be up
and running in August. They've had singles
on the iTunes Chart; and they've
expanded their fan base overseas, hitting
internet charts in Finland and Denmark
coupled with strong sales in Germany.
Hager says the guys hope to get overseas
for shows soon.
By the time you read this, we'll know if the
band won one of this year's Texas Music
Awards. The band was thrilled to win
“Best Live Band” last year after being nominated
a few times before. “It's a great honor, and
it's really a testament to how comfortable we
are as a band,” Charlie explains. “We have
played together a while now and we know what
each other is going to do, and that is a lot of
fun. That translates to a great live show.”
June and July are typically strong for Texas/Red
Dirt bands as they make the outdoor festival
circuit, but Captain Legendary was not among
them this year. There's a very good
reason–actually a small one: Charlie's wife
Kaylyn gave birth recently to a baby boy, Charlie
Hager, Jr., who arrived three weeks early. After
a mad dash from San Antonio to Dallas to
Baton Rouge by plane, Dad made it on time to
see Junior into the world.
The band is back on the road in July, starting
with a show at the Varsity Theater in Baton
Rogue with Roger Creager. ? - Best In Texas

"CD Review - Charlie Hager and The Captain Legendary Band "Smoking Barrel" -Stave Music Magazine"

It’s summertime. Put the top down if you’re so well healed, but Texans! Roll down the windows on the F150, open up all eight, and turn up the tunes. The tunes should be Charlie Hager and the Captain Legendary Band’s latest disc, “Smoking Barrel.” It is powerhouse, Southern rockin’ guitars screaming over that country/rocking rhythm that makes Texas rock really ROCK.

Because everybody’s screaming “Freebird!” and “Sweet Home Alabama!” there’s a perception that Southern Rock is pretty easy to play. Maybe so. If you want it to be. But this outfit can play the hell out of the music. I’ve seen them shake up a club, and now I’ve got a copy of “Smoking Barrel” and they prove they can do it in the studio, too. What makes this different for me is that there’s a tinge of morality floating under the music. Typically a Texas rock outfit is all about the party. And this is definitely a party to listen to, but there’s simply a maturity in the songwriting that suits an older and wiser fan base. I think veterans would really dig this, as would enlisted men who’ve seen the ugly stuff that grew them up quick. And demanding intellectuals like me won’t feel traitorous for throwing over our Americana and folk for a fast ride through the Texas countryside while blasting Hager’s well honed craft across the cow pastures.

The disc kicks off with “Brothers,” which is the story of brothers who willingly go off to fight for the Confederacy only to discover what a terrible mistake it is to freely go off to war. However, before things get too heavy, they follow up with the chewy, rockin’ frolick, “Northeast Texas Women.” This song pays homage to every corner of the state of Texas and the legendary beauty of Texas women. This is definitely a disc for stoking up Texas pride, but the songs pay homage to the South, and that’s what’s getting these guys across the border, and I think it will help build them a regional (if not national) following beyond the Lone Star State. “Smoking Barrel” is definitely a great calling card if Captain Legendary is looking to conquer the country.

Christy Claxton - Stave Music Magazine

"Ken Murray - KTEX - Brenham, TX"

Charlie Hager and the Captain Legendary Band are back with a new cd ‘Smoking Barrel’. A revamped lineup has brought a sharper sound that includes a little swamp rock influence. Charlie wrote or co-wrote 12 of the 14 songs on the cd including the title cut ‘Smoking Barrel’. Take a little southern rock, a healthy dose of country and some swamp rock , throw in some top notch writing, good harmonies and picking… and you get ‘Smoking Barrel’. ‘Harry the Beast’ is a stand out instrumental that will have your feet tapping along. - Ken Murray - KTEX - Brenham, TX

"My Texas Music Review "Smoking Barrel""

What better way could there be to kick off a season of promoting a new album but to take home the Live Band of the Year award at the 2010 Texas Music Awards? The Captain Legendary Band grabbed the honors in May, just as their new release was finding its way into the hands of awaiting fans. This album marks some significant changes for the band. When I reviewed this band’s last album, I remarked that they “were not the same band they were” two years prior. It’s been about four years since that release, and I’m forced to say it again. This is not the band of 2006 who matured on the Texas music scene on the wings of Jeff Hager’s production debut. This time, the band employed the services of 2009 Texas Music Awards Producer of the Year, Billy Jo High. It’s a move that will pay off in a big way. High appears on the album, as he usually does when producing, and brings an attitude to the project that is the foundation of the band’s transformation with respect to recorded product. An additional change you’ll see is the listing of the band as Charlie Hager and The Captain Legendary Band. Don’t be alarmed, as I don’t think you’re seeing Charlie trying to distance himself or establish himself in any way. It’s a common sense move in light of the band’s personnel changes over their career, letting fans connect not only with the band name, but with the solidity of its core performer, writer, and one of the founding members. For this album, it’s almost as much a solo album for Charlie as it is a band album for TCLB, another reason for the morphed listing. Hager pens eleven of the fourteen tracks, co-pens another, and the band covers two, including a reprisal of “Moonshiner’s Prayer” in which the band offers a rocky and high energy performance of the previously acoustic laden recording. “Back Home” received the same treatment, making it hit material. The album is almost entirely a rock-laden version of the band’s previous offerings, a testament to High’s production and undoubtedly the new direction the band is now taking. It’s a great move for the band which can now make the full transition from very good acoustic-based band to kick-ass Texas superstar talent. I’m not a big fan of drug songs, no matter the underlying story, but Hager’s “Cocaine Afternoon” uses the drug reference in a figurative manner to observe an interesting truism of life. It’s more of a tongue-in-cheek look at the absurdity of all types of substance abuse, rather than an autobiographical issuance. All those facts aside, the tune has all the elements of a hit song, if not with radio, then most certainly with fans, driving album sales to a point where it can not be ignored. For those of you who like a good instrumental, check out “Harry The Beast Stomp.” The title track is an epic story of good gone bad and all that comes with it. The album is the band’s best work to date, there’s no question of that, but if there’s anything lacking it would be some of that old TCLB diversity that we’ve grown used to. Many of the songs contain the same intensity and attitude, making it a great disc indeed, but “Close My Eyes” is the only true ballad, and we all know that Hager can throw down a ballad as expertly as anyone. I would have liked another love song or two. I think fans will dig the new and improved CH&TCLB, and it wouldn’t surprise me if their fan club calls themselves the CHATCLUB. Go figure. This is a great album. It stayed in my player for three days and then found its way to my personal music device, a distinction for a surprisingly few albums. There will be surprises if this album shows up on the nominee list in the 2011 awards season. Excellent work, guys. You should be proud… I know I am.
- Lucky Boyd - My Texas Music

"TCLB Indie Spotlight artist of the Month"

There is no doubt that the Captain Legendary Band is making waves with the true hard-core fans of down home, toe tapping country rock music. The group was nominated in the 2007 Texas Music Awards Live band of the year category and continues to be one of the most requested bands at There really is something about these guys that crawls into the soul and brings any listener deep into the bayou.

Hailing from Louisiana the band has a deep Cajun and delta blues undertones in their songs that is accented by a touch of hillbilly. They tastefully use dobro and harp sounds in the tunes that give them a backwoods feel. The band’s current CD (2006 release), titled My Saving Grace, is a fun collection of tunes that groove like slow moving waters. Anyone listening to this CD could almost with certainty make a good guess on where these guys call home.

The guys sum up their style and attitude best in one of the best songs on the record.

The country sounds like pop rock
And the rock just sounds like crap.
Sit here dreaming, hopelessly thinking,
Wonder where the hell I’m at.
The left they gone crazy and the right is just as bad,
The cowboys are line dancing and the hippies are so mad.
Sometimes I feel like this whole world has gone insane.
Like to say I am crazy too, but don’t matter it’s all the same.
I see the way things going, oh lord, I don’t belong.
Take me back home, put me all alone,
Help me get lost in a song,
Oh lord, help me sing along.

The first verse of “Lost in a Song” is a metaphor for the band’s style and their attitude. A listener can get a strong sense that the guys were born about 30 years to late and are trapped in a world where the music out of Nashville and LA has nothing behind it. It is obvious that the Captain Legendary Band has several old vinyl records in their collection of classic country and southern rock. They have the vibe and from the sound and songs on My Saving Grace, the theme comes out clear and strong via the strong beats, lyrics, and melodies.

The Captain Legendary Band is what great rock and country used to be. Their style is from a time when music was about songs and lifestyle and not about music just as a business. Their bayou and musical roots obviously run deep with tunes that grove like a 60s peace pipe. They are a delightful combination of the old classic country and rock sound that comes out in their own way. They have a unique sound that is not contrived. It is original and fresh with reflections of the past great days of music.

In addition to being a very popular band in their native Louisiana, the band is making waves in Texas and touring more and more in the lonestar state. The Captain Legendary Band is Charlie Hager on lead vocals and guitar, Jeff Hager on the bass guitar, Erick T on drums, and Jason Spencer on harp, guitars, mandolin, and slide dobro. The 13 songs on My Saving Grace would be a great addition to any true music lovers iPod.

For a free copy of My Saving Grace join club TMT.

- Texas Music Times

"Walt Wilkin's thoughts on "Smoking Barrel""

"I suspect this record's going to have a good, long life here in Texas and beyond!" - Walt Wilkins

"San Angelo Live"

The Captain Legendary Band
by Mark Kneubuhl
Special to LIVE!

"Comforting" would best describe the sound of The Captain Legendary Band, in that their songs are familiar renditions of straight-up country rock with just a hint of "sitting on the porch in July," southern blues. (Pictured left to right): Eric “T,” Dustin Logan, Jason Spencer, Jeff Hager and brother Charlie. This photo was taken outside Blaine's Pub in San Angelo, Texas. (LIVE! Photo/Mark Kneubuhl “Comforting” would best describe the sound of The Captain Legendary Band, in that their songs are familiar renditions of straight-up country rock with just a hint of “sitting on the porch in July,” southern blues.

The band’s co-founder, singer/songwriter and guitarist, Charlie Hager (from Humble, Texas), told LIVE that his songwriting has been greatly influenced by the classics, referring to Merle and Waylon, not Beethoven and Bach.

The two original members Hager and long-time friend, Dustin Logan (guitar/vocals), started playing party gigs at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge in 1999. They’ve since brought in Houston native, Jason Spencer, who plays harp, guitar, mandolin and slide, and brother, Jeff Hager on the bass.

“The original band was a bit of a family affair where my dad played the drums,” Hager said. In 2002 they gave dad the boot and brought in Erich “T”, of Austin. (More likely, Dad was probably a little adverse to the idea of spending a significant portion of the year on the road, and axed himself.)

The groups debut CD, Those Songs was received well with positive reviews. From the album, a single titled “Kemah Bay” received respectable rookie time on several Texas country radio stations.

TCLB’s latest CD, My Saving Grace now has traction and has earned the group a growing fan base in the southern parts of both Texas and Louisiana.

The group has shared the stage with the likes of Cory Morrow, Billy Joe Shaver, Robert Earl Keen and Kinky Freidman.

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"The Captain Legendary Band Jan 16th"

The name comes from Captain Morgan and the "Legendary" sun Studio in Mempis.
The band is on a tour of Texas and the Southeast United States currently making their way over to FL.
"Texas is a big place," says lead singer and guitarist, Charlie Hager. He's all too familiar with the reality of traveling long distances as part of a touring band and Texas is no small road trip.
They swung through The World Famous Celtic irish Pub on a cold, rainy Wed. night, playina rare acoustic show to a small, appreciative crowd.
The group hails from outside Houston and was originally formed in Baton Rouge where they still have a strong following.
"We're The Captain Legendary Band and we're going to play our rootsy country, Southern shit that we do,"Hager says to the crowd as he opens the show.
Calling yourself "country" these days is almost self- deprecating as Nashville sontinues to churn out souless cookie- cutter albums one after the other. These guys are anything but Nashville.
They are a well-rehersed, musically talented band that falls somewhere between Waylon Jennings and the Allman Brothers. Along with an acoustic guitar and bass, there is a dobro, mandolin, and harmonica. The sound is twangy, gritty, and soulful.
The songs visit common country- wetern themes of alcoholism, women, and the state of Texas itself. They are tightly written and Hager seems to be an astue and appreciative observer of his surroundings.
I had a chance to sit down with the band after their two sets and talk about music, their work, and the road.
The Beatles come up.
"Band on the Run.. is that a Beatles song," asks Jason Spencer, Captain's multi instrumentalist, "That's my favorite."
"It's Wings," says Charlie
Charlie's favorite is "While my Guitar Gently Weeps."
The conversation turns to blues and roots music, then to Waylon Jenings who is the band's primary influence.
We listen to two Jennings tracks on the jukebox as Charlie describes Waylon's style.
We talk about songwriting and touring and the band seems pretty pleased about the lifestyle they've chosen. They all do it full-time and there is a good relationshipp with in the band.
There are of course the usual frustrations of playing non-mainstream music: customers asking for top 40 country and such.
They're in a similar boat as Jennings and Willie Nelson who too felt constrained by the "Nashville Sound" of their times.
Charlie remebers he has one track left on the jukebox.
"I'm going to play one of the best songs ever," he says.
Surprisingly, it's not Jennings it's the song "Don't Follow" off of Alice in Chains' Jar of Flies.
It is a great song. We all agree that the 90's Grunge Movement was the last and final great movement in music.
The days of large scale movements in mainstream music like Outlaw country of Grunge may be over, but bands like Captain are still out on the road, sticking to their guns, keeping the fires burning, and holding true to themselves.

By- Ryan Dallett
Gulf Cost Music Magazine
Feb 1, 2008 - Gulf Cost Music Magazine Pascagoula, MS

"My Texas Music Review"

The Captain Legendary Band
©2006 Independently Released
Review by Lucky Boyd

"Great ability develops and reveals itself increasingly with every new assignment." - Baltasar Gracian

The Captain Legendary Band lunges forward in Texas music notoriety with their 2006 release "MY SAVING GRACE." No title track is found, but yet the moniker is derived from a concept buried within "Moonshiner's Prayer." This fact is a microcosm for the rest of the album. Cleverly embedded within this feel-good collection of songs is an emergence of painstaking art. This is Jeff Hager's debut production. While we may all agree that great producers like Rob Galbraith or Clay Ryder would have fine-polished it with a Nashville cheesecloth, Hager's treatment seemed to be more in line with the band's personality. Subtle flairs and nuances that go un-noticed to most fans are present throughout the disc and are a testament to Hager's creativity and artistic ability. The result is an album that not only captures the band very much as they sound during a live performance, but adds only those refinements to the album which make it interesting and entertaining, leaving behind the unnecessary over-production that haunts many of today's releases. When bands head into the studio, they often decide between giving fans something inimitable at a live show or producing a recorded memory of live performances. This album shows great maturity and generosity to TCLB's fans by giving them the same type of performances on disc as they do at shows but adding a delightful garnish that helps develop commercial viability. Musically, TCLB is not the same band they were two years ago. Aside from a change in drummers, the band has increased in talent and responsiveness to their fans. Once destined to be little more than the next college band playing frat parties into their 50's, TCLB has emerged as a Texas music force. Radio will adore a couple of the cuts from this disc, and with proper promotion, you will hear much from TCLB in years to come. The band should be proud for a job well done and should brace themselves for the success and rewards they are about to receive.

- My Texas Music - Lucky Boyd

"Venue Reviews"

The Captain Legendary Band brings in a great crowd, every time. Their sets flow nicely between the “old school” country classics and their originals. They play a lot of the outlaw music many of us grew up with, and I notice that fans of our jazz and rock shows are coming to these shows as well, dancing and having a good time… Dave Remmetter
Chelsea’s Café
Baton Rouge LA

Captain Legendary, with their infectious melodies, high energy, and ability to own the stage will keep your crowd partying and begging for more…

Tracy Cotto -Whiskey River - Houston, TX

Solid, no frills Texas Country…
Distinctive song writing…
Glad we finally have quality like them in Louisiana.
Dave Bruno
Mellow Mushroom- Baton Roue, LA - N/A


Smoking Barrel - 2010
TCLB Live- 2013
Lifetime- 2016



The Captain Legendary Band blends several elements of roots American music with country rock backbone. Their style  merges traditional, progressive folk, bluegrass, and rock into a brew that pleases even skeptics of Country and Southern Rock. Originally from Baton Rouge, LA, the band has developed a loyal following throughout the Southeast as well as in Texas. Fans appreciate their vintage style and honest story telling.

TCLB has always been recognized for their high energy live shows and the group was recognized as "Live Band of the Year" from the Academy of Texas Music in 2010.  The years of recognition for the band's live performances has led to the release of the  double Live album "TCLB Live."  This record  follows up the band's studio release "Somking Barrel" which received acclaim from fans and critics alike.  The release of "TCLB Live" has lead to nominations from The Academy of Texas Music for Vocal group of the Year and Album of the Year. 

"I suspect this record's going to have a good, long life here in Texas and beyond!" - Walt Wilkins (On Smoking Barrel)

"Ive seen them shake up a club, and now Ive got a copy of Smoking Barrel and they prove they can do it in the studio, too. What makes this different for me is that theres a tinge of morality floating under the music."
" Smoking Barrel is definitely a great calling card if Captain Legendary is looking to conquer the country."
- Stave Music Magazine -

The band's latest studio release "Lifetime" is scheduled for release in early 2016 coming off of the heals of a successful year that included jaunts to the West coast, Southeast US and a month long European Tour.  TCLB looks to capitalize on this momentum with this release and several video and single releases.  The new year is shaping up to be a momentous one for The Captain Legendary Band. 

Check out the latest video release "Drowned in New Orleans"  here...

 The Captain Legendary Band's line up includes Charlie Hager on Lead Vocals and Lead Guitar, Jeff Hager on Bass, Aaron Bancroft on guitars, and Matt "the kid" Groll on Drums.  

Band Members