The Caravats

The Caravats

 Cedar Bluff, Virginia, USA

The Caravats' sound can best be described as a great big melting pot with a touch of country, rock and roll, bluegrass, and a lot of folk. We have a new live recording of three of our songs: The Bluegrass Song, The Pirate Song, & the Harmonica Song.
Trav, Cody, Ryan, and Carol


What is a Caravat?
We're not 100% sure, but we thought the name sounded cool. We are a band from a little town in Virginia. The band was originally founded by guitarist/everything-else player Cody Addison and vocalist Travis Atwell. Back in those days of playing Led Zeppelin covers in our basement, we saw music as more of a past-time than a passion. As the years went on and we got a bit wiser to the world, we saw it as far more than that. We began writing our own songs. At first, about anything we could think of that sounded good, but over time we developed our own style, our own sound, and our own messages in our songs. Some are made to make you feel good, some tell a pretty neat story, and sometimes you might just hear one that's one of us getting something off our chest.

After a summer of playing at bars, concerts, festivals, and everything in between in Myrtle Beach, Johnson City, Bristol, and a few scarier places in West Virginia, we have figured ourselves out and gotten to know more about our music than ever before. We absolutely love what we're doing and have had more fun doing it than any of us could have imagined.