The Card Artist

The Card Artist


Extreme Card Manipulation & Flourishes! Amazing shuffles, cuts, fans, vanishes, productions, color changes and more! Cards leap from the deck, visually change color, appear and disappear. It's not "just" a magic show, it's a visual tour-de-force with a deck of cards!


Tom has been performing magic since he was a kid. He is a NACA member of 12 years, and has performed on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, MTV, E!TV, The Opey & Anthony Show, Lollapalooza, The Riviera Hotel & Casino (Las Vegas, NV) and many more.

The Card Artist is a clean, fun act which all ages enjoy. Can perform as a Roving Artist, or Mainstage.

After the show, Tom will teach your students some cool flourishes! This is always a very popular part of the show.


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Credits: The Card Legends that have influenced me the most are Dan & Dave Buck, De'vo, Jerry Cestkowski, Brian Tudor, Jeff McBride, and Jeff Sheridan. They all rock!