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The Cardinal Dream

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | Established. Jan 01, 2010 | SELF

Toronto, Ontario, Canada | SELF
Established on Jan, 2010
Band Rock Alternative




"INTERVIEW: The Cardinal Dream"

Hi guys, welcome to VENTS! How have you been?

We’ve been good! Thanks for having us.

So if you don¥t mind, can you please introduce yourself and tell us more about The Cardinal Dream?
Well a synopsis of the band would go like this:

Dan Falconi is on vocals and keys, Rob Taylor and Chris Capobianco are on guitars, Mitch Conrad is on bass, and Mike Volpe is on drums. We’re an Alt-Rock meets Progressive Rock meets Post-Rock outfit and we are originally from Bolton, Ontario.

What's the story behind the band's name? I understand it has to do with a dream one of you folks had?

Yes, a mom of one of the members had a dream of a bird, but the meaning behind the name has little to do with that. In fact, what it really signifies is rather the most important direction or drive of any given individual. For us it is the journey of music, but of course it could be countless other things. So, though the name came form a literal interpretation of a dream, the meaning behind it has taken on a whole new definition.

What are your music influences?

Pink Floyd, John Mayer, Jeff Buckley, Sigur Ros, Incubus, Pearl Jam, Thrice, and Zeppelin are a few I can think of right away.

So I heard rumors about a new song, can you talk to us more about it?
Yes, we have a new song coming out on March 29th. It’s called Clearance and were excited to put out something fresh for people to hear.

Does new song means you folks are working in a new material?

Always. We never stop writing. This particular song is from a little while ago but nobody has heard it yet.

Any official release date, title in mind?

Release date is March 29th and the title will be Clearance.

What have been the CONs and PROs of recording the albums by your own?

Saving a lot of money and time, gaining experience, having more control over your sound are a few PRO’s. The learning curve has been the only real CON so far I’d say because we have to learn the skill of recording along with the countless other things a band is asked to do.

Will you be hitting the road this year?

We intend to, yes. Things have been picking up for us incrementally so that should be a reality very soon.

I understand you guys take a while before hitting the stage, after playing some quiet big and legendary gigs, do you guys feel you made the right decision?

Absolutely. We consider this the most important thing we ever did. A lot of bands don’t do this and instead rush to get on a stage and showcase themselves. We really waited until we felt we had something worthy to show people before we became a real public band.

What else is happening next in The Cardinal Dream’s world?

We’re in the process of writing a new album, playing more shows, and focused on growing as people and artists. We want to collaborate with different artists from other mediums and immerse ourselves in the culture and diversity of the art world.

Where can we find more about your music?,,, are the places we post the most info. We also have a newsletter you can sign up for at our website.

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"The Cardinal Dream"

Friday, August 3rd, 2012

Interview with Isis Essery of Local Gypsy.

"With their ambient sound, drive for originality and dashing good looks, this band has a little something for everyone." - Isis Essery of Local Gypsy. - Local Gypsy

"The Cardinal Dream: A Group of Toronto-Based Rockers With a West Coast Sound"

Saturday, May 18th, 2013

Toronto-based alternative rock group The Cardinal Dream has big plans, big dreams, and a big sound. With the release of their debut album this year, people north and south of the border will know it too.

The Cardinal Dream’s five members - Dan Falconi on vocals, Rob Taylor and Chris Copobianco on guitars, Mitch Conrad on bass, and Michael Volpe on drums – have only been playing together for a year and a half. In this short time, these guys have been asked to play at bars and venues all around the city and, while doing so, have developed a strong following that they are hoping will grow across the country and into the west coast of the US with the upcoming release of their debut album. I've been lucky enough to connect with these guys and ask them a few questions about the band, their sound, and playing live music in Toronto:

Who would you consider your musical inspiration as a group?

We all listen to an array of artists and genres from hip-hop to metal, but the collective love for bands like Incubus, Circa Survive, Pink Floyd and Thrice is where we draw upon for our musical inspiration.

What is your favorite venue to play in Toronto?

We have played at venues all over the city in the past year and a half but our favourite has to be The Hideout. We had one of our best shows there. It’s an amazing atmosphere coupled with some fantastic sound and mixing. Definitely at the top.

I understand you are currently producing your first album. Can you tell me about it?

We tried to keep it about the music, so we chose the best 8-10 songs to record out of close to 15 written. Our songs are about our growth as musicians, and pushing ourselves musically to write progressive yet well rounded songs. Our sound, in parts, can be described as contrasting, heavy, but melodic and spacey at parts too. We all write collectively together, contributing to each others song writing process. Not one song was written by one individual. A song will stem from an idea or progression from one member and grow from there.

How has it been producing your first album all on your own? Can you tell me about the experience and its effect(s) on your sound?

Recording, producing and mixing an album yourself is definitely a challenge but has been a great experience so far. Doing it all yourself has huge benefits. We can really take our time, recording all day and all night if needed, and make sure everything is perfect without having to worry about studio time and other factors. No one knows our sound better than us, so there's no worry of compromising our vision in any way. It's a long process, but it’s definitely rewarding when it's all complete and exactly the way we all want to hear it.

You’ve been criticized by some local industry professionals for not being active or engaging enough with your fans on social media sites. Is this a conscious decision?

It is at the moment. That is something that will change with the release of our material this year. We want to make sure that when we make a big push online in social media that the potential fans we are pushing to has quality music, videos and artwork to make them visiting our pages worth their while.

One last question: What is your plan for the future? Where do you see your music taking you?

The plan for the future is to grow, travel, meet amazing people and see how far our music can take us. We want to contribute to the art form and innovate musically, to create something that can sound fresh, but accessible.

Not only are these guys some of the nicest, most down to earth group of musicians I’ve met, but also some of the most passionate. For them, it’s not about the fame or the possibility of fortune. It’s just about the music. They're in it to provide quality music that they've worked days and nights, all on their own, to bring to their fans.

Follow them on Twitter and Facebook to hear about upcoming shows and any updates on their upcoming album release. - Creative Edge Music

"Album Review: The Cardinal Dream - The Universal Round"

Wednesday, October 30th, 2013

The Cardinal Dream does just that with their music, taking you away to a dream-state of consciousness. The refreshingly original seven-track album, The Universal Round, from this Toronto-based five-piece is an innovative work of art.

Each song adds a new element to the bigger picture, offering hard-rock pieces ("Astral," "1000 Faces," "Beggar") and combining them with melodic, psychedelic movements ("Neuron to Nebula," "The Universal Round/We Are So Young"). This album is ambitious for a rock outfit, who somehow manage to maintain the ambience in each track without getting lost in the edginess of the song.

Every track on the album has a unique vision, but "The Universal Round/We Are So Young" is a highlight, beautifully combing the bands kaleidoscopic styling with adrenaline-fueled aggressive notes.

The passion of the boys in The Cardinal Dream bleed through every corner on The Universal Round, making it hard not to love this album. - Toronto Music Scene

"The Cardinal Dream - "Summit" Premiere"

Toronto five-piece the Cardinal Dream are gearing up to unleash their Quiet Wars EP, but before it arrives, Exclaim! has got the premiere of the band's new single "Summit."

Blending "introspective lyrics, wide sounds, and inspirational melodies" with rock'n'roll vibes, the forthcoming release taps into universal emotions to serve as a "companion" through the ups and downs of life.

Lead single "Summit" shows off the band's knack for jangly guitars and crisp, singalong-friendly vocals, packing tons of hooky, pop-tinged goodness into a song that "drips with the sound of summer."

You can hear that sound for yourself by giving "Summit" its first spin in the player below. Quiet Wars is out on June 12, and the band will be celebrating with a show that night in Toronto at the Horseshoe Tavern. - Exclaim!





Five piece guitar driven rock with some pop properties, The Cardinal Dream are childhood friends who spent years writing and recording demos in their home-built studio. After falling into the hands of some professional producers, the band relocated to Toronto to record their latest EP Quiet Wars which debuted to a sold out crowd at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern. 

The band can draw their sound anywhere from the classic rock era to alt-rock, to modern singer-songwriters with some of their biggest influnces being Pink Floyd, Incubus and John Mayer.

The Cardinal Dream are currently giging in and out of town supporting their latest release, all while working every night on new material focused on taking that next step. 

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