The Caribbean Posse

The Caribbean Posse


With a well crafted blend of Reggae, Ska, Soca, Calypso, Salsa, Rock and R&B, the Caribbean Posse presents a soulful & hypnotic show. You will snap your fingers, rap on the table, tap your toes and have to dance. No one is left out at a Posse party!


The infectious soulful sounds and hypnotic rhythms of this red hot band take their audiences on a musical odyssey. Tracks from their latest CD, Red, substantiate the incredible talent and diversity of this band. The songs infuse myriad genres creating styles from which new trends are born and mimicked. Whether it’s booty-bumpin’ dance tracks, tender love songs, celebrations of this life or pleas to help our fellow travelers on this wonderful and sometimes sad planet, "The Posse" has chosen to reveal.


LPs: Red, Live (double set), Free, Possetivity. Title track from "Red" streams on and