The Carps

The Carps


Rock’n’Roll, Hip-Hop & Soul. All blessed with a touch of progressive tendencies. Rock’n’Soul Music. We steal from Stax & Sub Pop, our hair cuts are from the finest hipster salons and we all have sub woofers pushing hip-hop at 11. The Carps. Mislabeled, under-confused.


A Message From your Friendly Neighborhood Carps:

The Carps are two young Rock’n’Rollers who wear tight Jeans and sit outside of West Indian food shops drinking Malts and eating jerk-something with patties. We talk about the type of songs we want to write, sometimes deciding we want to write a Franco-Bossa Nova type tune simply because we can. We are of distinct ethnic groups, and in Toronto’s east side; Scarborough, we blend together like PC's and Blocs. Oh, and we are, or at least pretend to be politically conscious. Lastly we would like to thank Death From Above 1979 for everything they have done. In every way.
Thank you, We love you all in our dreams.


Whether hanging out on Queen St. West, or in front of Nicey’s in Scarborough, The Carps are cogitating and obsessing over their music. Practicing and crafting their sound meticulously has made The Carps one of the front-runners of the burgeoning Toronto music scene.

The year of The Carp. Time in Asia opened up the band to international success. Gaining radio play in Malaysia, and with the band in talks for with a scruffy but passionate Japanese indie label, things are looking good in the East. Back West at home, the Carps were busy performing to a sold out showcase audiences at the legendary Horseshoe Tavern and The Distillery among other dates. The Carps, whether playing at home, or Montreal to New York... It is Youth, Sex and Energy... All of these things that embody The Carps live.

Jahmal Tonge, Soul junkie. Growing up on asexual legends like Michael Jackson and Prince, Hip-Hop artists like The Fugees and LL Cool J; it was sifting through his father’s record collection that exposed to him what he was looking for all along. Al Green, Otis Redding, Motown. Soul music. Music that is, and will always be at the heart of The Carps. But as it is, attempting to recreate an era long gone would be futile. The Carps thrive on ingenuity and vicissitude, newness. Therefore the Captain of the ship, Neil White, wielding his bass, steers this raw emotion into a palatable and at times progressive direction. All this while never leaving his ‘Mindless self-indulgence’ duct tape Punk Rock days far behind him. Also taking cues from his Father’s record collection in the thousands, Neil guides the vessel learned by the hands of Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, and Genesis.

As distribution in Asia is being secured for The Carps debut EP recorded at the ever glorious ‘Studio 215’ in Philadelphia PA, (studio home to The Roots), the focus of 2006 will be getting the real goods to the masses. A tour of Japan will commence in the next year, with support of Channel .V Malaysia. A set of shows with support of Afro-Punk (Official selection Toronto Film Fest) producers will be another journey in cross-border relations, again bringing the band to New York. At home, the band will be placed on a campus tour in the winter of 2006 showcasing the new record, as well as dates with other Toronto talent such as K'Naan, Brassmunk, Saukrates and Shawn Hewitt & The National Strike.

The Carps. Simply brilliant. Comprised of two distinct individuals with one vision in music. To create a sound that is new and fresh. But more so, relevant to all listeners. Music that holds no boundaries. Music that matters. This is Rock'n'Soul. The beginnings of a Revolution.


Ballad from Jahmal to Yoko

Written By: J.Tonge

Ego-trippin on this Chicks’ heart,
All to see myself smile.
Loving her dependency,
Her need for me,
Haven’t felt this way in a while.
Sun filled lamps & topical crèmes,
Placebos for your soul.
The world outside won’t get you girl,
But your mind will, when you’re alone.

Oh No,
Oh No,
Where have you gone?
Oh No,
Your Cold,
Where have you gone?

Spiritual poverty, that ain't right,
All because of your biblical investments.
The keys to your soul are in you girl,
It's not a man who's lusts are lies.
That nigga ain't who he appears to be,
Those fuzzy feelings they won't change your life.


Go with your soul.
Go !
Go with soul.
Go with soul.

All The Damn Kids (B.Version)

Written By: J.Tonge

Hold me tight,
We’re always talkin’ bout what’s come and been.
You found some friends,
It’s done and come and gone before the end.

Blue Jeans Baby,
Blue Jeans Baby.

All The Damn Kids,
Look the Damn same.
All the Damn kids,
Look the Damn same.
All the Damn kids,
They look the Damn same.


Written By: J.Tonge/N.White

Apathy is Dangerous,
You know it's true
with the two of us.

I said I loved you,
I wasn't serious.

But with more of you it will be dangerous
for the two of us.

Baby Bye...
Your going far but
you ever get

Baby help me please,


My pride,
and my Humility.


*The Carps – “the Young & Passionate days of Carpedia”
Independently released (Blousen Records) 5 trk EP/Demo
*The Carps - "All The Damn Kids" -single
Kuala Lumpur - Malaysia
*The Carps – “My Good times”
Flow 93.5/with artist Tiga.H
*The Carps - "This Love" & "Entrance soundtrack"
UofT CIUT 89.5 Radio
Seneca College Radio
York University CHRY 105.5 Radio
Waterloo University CKMS 100.3 Radio
McGill University CKUT 90.3 Radio
UofBC CiTR 101.9
*Work on “Hipsters Contrition” EP
at Jack 92.5 studios Toronto
(Hipsters Contition demo Sen@York.U Studios)

Set List

Set list: 30-60 minutes