the carter administration

the carter administration


Loud guitars, louder drums, and hooks that you won’t be able to get out of your head without the aid of some serious medical assistance.


NASHVILLE, TN - For nearly ten years, Nashville power trio The Carter Administration have been winning over critics and fans alike with their sharply crafted, near-perfect, beat up basement pop gems. Their recordings and live shows have consistenty drawn music-loving crowds and landed them on many critics year-end top ten lists. Their most recent recording, Here Comes the Copout, features twelve of their latest and most fabulous raw, honest-to-God rock n’ roll tunes. From the opening blast of “Blackout Brigade” to the hook and ladder melodic crescendo of “All Talk, No Liver,” the Carters give free reign for you to yell along at the top of your lungs while you crank up the volume on your air guitar. If you’re looking for bells and whistles, you’ll have to search elsewhere, but if you’re seeking out good times, the party’s right here.


Here Comes the Copout LP- theory 8 Records (2007)

God and Country EP- Southern Engineering Records (2006)

Air Guitar Force One LP- theory 8 Records (2005)

Pony Up! EP - Southern Engineering Records (2004)

World Champions of the World EP - Southern Engineering EP (2003)

Two Man Advantage EP - Southern Engineering Records (2002)

Betty Ford Start Packing, the Carters Are Coming....LP - Southern Engineering Records (2000)

One Smooth Bastard Single - Southern Engineering Records (2000)

High on Voting EP - Southern Engineering Records (1999)

Fuck Off! I'm Listening to the Carter Administration EP - Southern Engineering Records (1999)

Set List

10 songs, 30 minutes. Covers include Devo's "Blockhead", AC/DC's "What's Next to the Moon?", and Nick Lowe's "Heart of the City."