The Cartridge Family

The Cartridge Family


An out of tune instrument of destruction blowing a note for justice on the kazoo of freedom that was liberated from the gumball machine of corruption!!!


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Seeking to combine their love of punk, rock, soul, hip-hop, hardcore and general on-stage spectacle these true bastard children of the diverse Michigan/Detroit music scene joined forces as a 5-piece in 2004, playing an assortment of ruckus shows and developing a reputation as a band that successfully bridged the gap between performer and audience.

Keeping a light show schedule to work with the various bands they were moonlighting from, The Cartridge Family slowly enveloped more and more members to contribute to performances that included Murder Mysteries, Civil War Reenactments, mobile generator-run guerilla shows staged on a flatbed trailer, a 4-course meal cooking-show, and general anarchic punk-rock circuses complete with stunts, fire-breathing and a moon-bounce for crowd and band enjoyment alike. As the band became more active, it simultaneously developed reputations as a rare, can't miss show, an outlandish on stage spectacle, and an unchecked group of misfits delivering chaos to a stagnant music scene in dire need of a challenge.

In 2008, The Cartridge Family has sharpened its craft from a blunt weapon of catharsis to a well-honed "Guitar Army" (having taken advice from John Sinclair himself, who also lends an intro the band's 'Their Semi-Automatic Majesties Request' and a monologue in the 'Cold Dead Hands' single) and instrument of entertainment, drama, comedy, performance art and storytelling streamlined for the 30-minute set attention span of modern rock audiences. The cult fan-base of show-goers looking for something different amongst the oversaturated and blandly-homogenized rock/punk-scene has not only embraced The Cartridge Family, but has been encouraged to join it as it further pushes its all-fun-all-the-time agenda across the Midwest and beyond.


Ball Joins the Navy EP ('05 Bermuda Mohawk Productions, 2,000 copies, out-of-print); Their Semi-Automatic Majesties Request split 7" w/ Rick Johnson Rock n' Roll Machine [bassist of Mustard Plug/Bomb the Music Industry] ('06 Bermuda Mohawk Productions 550 copies, marble-blue vinyl, out-of-print; track 'Born in the NRA' received moderate airplay on local music stations as well as several Midwestern college stations); Zombie Abe Maxi-Single ('07 Bermuda Mohawk Productions, out-of-print; track 'Zombie Abe' received moderate airplay on local music stations as well as several Midwestern college stations); TCF/DVD ('08 Bermuda Mohawk Productions, in-print, has sold more than 500 copies to-date); forthcoming: 'Cakewalk - An Anthology' [CD compilation of EP, 7", unreleased B-sides, rare-singles & comp tracks] fall/winter 08, 'Gods & Genitals' [tCF Civil War Reenactment & Guerilla show DVD] expected early '09

Set List

The typical Cartridge Family set is built for maximum entertainment in minimum time. The band's attention span is often shorter than its audience's and the members thrive on leaving crowds wanting more. While the set often varies based on whether there is a specific theme or production involved, most sets include songs such as 'Born in the NRA', 'Next Time You Cut In Front of Me With a Camera at the Show I'm Gonna Make You Eat It', 'Disco Beatdown', 'Cold Dead Hands', 'Mr. Tuttle is a Nazi', 'How Cannibalistic Spider-Sex Can Make You a Genius', 'Meatstain', 'Song About a Guy Who Wrote a Song About a Guy' and possible covers by artists ranging from Kriss Kross to Bruce Springsteen.