The Castillians

The Castillians


Mixing the simple appeal and class of sixties pop with both the urgency and energy of the best garage, The Castillians are here to make you smile and shake a tail feather!


Raised on a love of 60's rock and roll the Castillians burst onto the seen with a fine array of songs. Classy melodies and harmonies combine with a clatter and a punky ethos which make a Castillians show one that you'll never forget. This is one band who really care about their fans with interaction and audience partisapation no two gigs are ever the same.
The castillians have so much fun in them that you cant help but to get involved, clap your hands, stamp your feet or move your body to the beat. This band dont make the rules they merely rip them, up and dance all over them.


Here are the Castillians! e.p out January