The Castros

The Castros

 Hanover, Ontario, CAN

The Castros are an aggressive "Canadiana" rock band with a unique style and sound. Been explained as "country meets The Strokes". A young, hungry, talented group of boys who put their heart in soul into each original song and every live performance.


The Castros have been explained as "honest". Honest songs, Honest lyrics, Honest live performances and Honestly, great.
With a "Canadiana" sound born out of the Northern Ontario winters and dirt road dust, The Castros have travelled Ontario on the wings of their debut album "Della-Wayne Ranch" and sophomore album "So Long Ontario".
They have a sound not unlike Canadiana legends, Neil Young or Matt Mays but bring a unique Country Feel to hard hitting rock and roll, leaning on the shoulders of Waylon Jennings and Merle Haggard.
The Castros have written and recorded 2 full length albums, played many of Canadas' legendary venues such as The Horseshoe Tavern, Lees Palace, and The Mod Club, done radio/television Appearances, played festivals and events, built a dedicated following and a name for themselves in Ontario
With their dedication and persistence, The Castros will be something, somewhere, Someday.


Same Three Chords

Written By: The Castros

Same three chords and a different feel
Ive been cooking the same shit meals
snowed in for the last few weeks
the summer feels so out of reach

too familiar with this town
the same girls and bums around
so ill order another round and we'll knock em down

The chains that hold me here
are not the same my dear
as they were last year

this roof above my head
where they love and keep me fed
ill miss for the next few years
i wont leave without some tears

Im gonna gather a buch of sticks
and build a circle out of bricks
burn all the problems i cant fix
and we'll dance till the night closes in



Debut Album- "Della-Wayne Ranch" released october 7, 2011
Sophomore Album- "So Long Ontario" released March 2, 2013