The Catamaran

The Catamaran

 Bern, Bern, CHE

„Ocean Inspired Stoner Blues Rock“.
The sound is dominated by dense guitar arrangements, driving beats and powerful melodic vocals. The energetic spectrum of THE CATAMARAN thrives on the contrast between deep roaring guitars and the clear, hunting voice of front man Saul De Angelis.


BIOGRAPHY September 2007, Berne (Switzerland), «Turnhalle» Bar - Saul was on the lookout for the one woman who was haunting his mind ever since. He was restless, sweaty, scanning the room constantly for a glimpse of her face. The highly anticipated face did not show up that day but rather an unshaved rude guy (Philipp) who elbowed his way to the bar. From the XXL-headphones of this guy boomed a humongous wall of guitar sound, which aroused the curiosity of Saul. After a short question-and-answer game the guy offered his headphones to Saul who was instantly amazed of what he heard: “This is it!” he thought. So there he was and instead of a date with his queen of heart he ag- reed to a jam-session with Philipp, which was not bad after all, because this was the day THE CATAMARAN was born.
During the following jam-sessions Saul and Philipp established the main features of their future style in terms of sound, dynamics and structures. This new interpretation of Californian Stoner-Rock was screaming for more guitars and it was Nicolas who finally heard the roar, so he once sat next to the unshaved guy in a bar as well and another “Catamarano” was born. Ideas, jams, fragments and compositions were compiled into a growing number of songs and it was only after a short time the three guys decided to produce an entire record together.
The resulting album features Saul De Angelis (vocals & drums), Philipp Jakob (lead guitar & production), Nicolas Python (rhythm guitar) and Stephan Rickli (bass). It was co-produces and mixed by the infamous Swiss musician and sound engineer David “Admiral J.T.” Langhard at “Dela Studios”. In Order to be able to perform THE CATAMARN sound live on stage, the combo was completed by Ex-Jass Drummer David “The Raging Machine” Lozer and Sarah Zaugg for the bass. Just like the other the two followed the roar of the ocean and ended up sitting next to the unsha- ved guy in a bar.
INFLUENCES KYUSS, Queens Of The Stone Age, Brant Björk, The Doors etc.


2011: „51 1/4“ (CD) - (dirty & weird music)

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