The Cates Fomin Project

The Cates Fomin Project

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN
DuoJazzAdult Contemporary

Now combining their talents in "The Cates Fomin Project", Demo Cates and Stan Fomin with their blend of Jazz, Pop, R&B and Soul captures the listeners attention and guide them on a musical journey that touches the heart and lets emotion flow freely. Come Enjoy! Journey with The Cates Fomin Project


http:/ Demo Cates: Singer, sax player, composer and actor. Some of Cates writing credits include music and lyrics for the animated television series The Busy World of Richard Scary, The New Adventures of Paddington Bear and Caillou.Cates has earned the respect of Jazz musicians at home and abroad with his visionary method and superlative talents. Grown and developed in Detroit Michigan but exposed and revered in Toronto, Cates is a mature Musician and Vocalist who in his words, 'plays on emotions and allows the sax and his voice to translate inspiration in smooth and sensuous sounds. In 2005 Cates released SmoothTry Something New. The single Ill Try Something New reached and stayed No.1 on the Wave 94.7 Smooth Jazz Charts for two weeks. The CD was nominated for the Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards that year as well as Cates for Vocalist and Instrumentalist of the year.

Stan Fomin: Born in Ukraine, classically trained in piano, music theory and composition. Upon arriving in Canada, he rounded up his education by studying contemporary film scoring and production with Glenn Morley at the Royal Conservatory of Music in Toronto. He has scored music for Alliance Atlantis, CBC Nelvana, YTV,Barna-Alper Productions. His orchestrating and arranging work includes CD "Classics Go Pop" for Parry Music ( BMG), two musicals "The Forest Song' and "Little Printce" for Nazarov National Theatre in Moscow, Broadway Songs book published by Hal Leonard. In 2005, Stan released his first CD Smooth Session, showcasing as a composer, arranger and performer. The track Flight 111 made it to number one on the Wave 94.7 Smooth Jazz Charts for 3 weeks.
Stan was nominated in the "Keyboardist of the Year" category for 2006 and 2008 Canadian Smooth Jazz Awards.

Come! Enjoy! Journey with The Cates Fomin Project!


Smooth Cruise

Written By: D.Cates/S.Fomin

Smooth Cruise /D.Cates, S. Fomin

Come sail away with me
We’ll book a cruise on the open sea
Let’s take the time unwind our mind
Leave troubles behind.

Let’s take a smooth cruise
No better way to loose the blues
We’ll listen to smooth jazz
We’ll love and laugh
oh it will be so sweet, just you and me.

The nights will be so right
To whisper in your ear
The things you like to hear, oh yes my dear
I’ll kiss you oh so right
And love you to the motion of the ocean.

Oh come and sail away with me
Set our spirits free
As we watch the stars above
On a smooth cruise of love
Oh come and sail away with me and set our spirits
Free like a breeze on the sea of a smooth cruise
a cruise of love
Let’s sail away

Breath of My Soul

Written By: D.Cates/S.Fomin

The Breath of My Soul/ D.Cates, S.Fomin

I watch you while you sleep
Feelings touching me so deep
Reflecting on our lives and the love I feel inside.

Your beauty is so rare
Girl, I’m rich beyond compare
Sometimes I just can’t see
How the one you chose was me

Sometimes I fall short of the man I’m ‘spose to be
But your loyal love is thing that strengthens me
You see, truly, you’re only the breath of my soul.

The greatest love story
Girl is here in you and me
Should they document our lives
They would learn how love survives

We face the battle hand in hand
And if I take a hit your love brings me back again
You see, truly, you’re only the breath of my….

The thought of loosing you feels me with such fear
I couldn’t make with out you right here
And I’m telling the world that you’re my girl.

Girl you’re only the breath of my soul.

A Vow

Written By: D.Cates/S.Fomin

A Vow/Live
D.Cates, S.Fomin

No one knows just the way she feels
Unless they too have felt the same
The emptiness is very real that she feels in her life today

The quietness is just too great to bear
Oh how she misses his humor so
His thoughtfulness his loving care
Oh why did he have to go?
She wants to know.
They made a vow till death do us part
Now what will she do with her broken heart
The days go by so painfully slow
In the night she’ll miss him so.

They’d known each other many, many years
As children they would play
They shared their joys and fears right to the very last day.


She’s learning to live without his love
‘though his love lives on in her


Demo Cates: "Smooth...Try Something New"
"Beautiful As You"
Stan Fomin: "Smooth Sessions", Flight 111"

Set List

Originals like:
'Smooth Cruise"
"Breath of My Soul"
"Sydney's Song"
"A Vow"
"Just One Kiss"
"Flight 111" and more...
Covers like:
"Nica's Dream"
"I'll Try Something New"
"Try A Little Tenderness"
as well as 100's of cover songs(Pop,R&B,Soul,Jazz) for corporate or private functions.
List provided upon reqest.