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Breath of My Soul

Written By: D.Cates/S.Fomin

The Breath of My Soul/ D.Cates, S.Fomin

I watch you while you sleep
Feelings touching me so deep
Reflecting on our lives and the love I feel inside.

Your beauty is so rare
Girl, I’m rich beyond compare
Sometimes I just can’t see
How the one you chose was me

Sometimes I fall short of the man I’m ‘spose to be
But your loyal love is thing that strengthens me
You see, truly, you’re only the breath of my soul.

The greatest love story
Girl is here in you and me
Should they document our lives
They would learn how love survives

We face the battle hand in hand
And if I take a hit your love brings me back again
You see, truly, you’re only the breath of my….

The thought of loosing you feels me with such fear
I couldn’t make with out you right here
And I’m telling the world that you’re my girl.

Girl you’re only the breath of my soul.

A Vow

Written By: D.Cates/S.Fomin

D.Cates, S.Fomin

No one knows just the way she feels
Unless they too have felt the same
The emptiness is very real that she feels in her life today

The quietness is just too great to bear
Oh how she misses his humor so
His thoughtfulness his loving care
Oh why did he have to go?
She wants to know.
They made a vow till death do us part
Now what will she do with her broken heart
The days go by so painfully slow
In the night she’ll miss him so.

They’d known each other many, many years
As children they would play
They shared their joys and fears right to the very last day.


She’s learning to live without his love
‘though his love lives on in her