The Cat From Hue

The Cat From Hue


Puget Sound Rock; mind melters and cohesively abrasive.


We've been together for about a year, and we all met through mutual friendships. We're spread out across the Sound, from Bellingham to Bothell, yet still manage to make it to band practice every week. We've been playing shows about every weekend for the last 6 months and just recently had the awesome experience of participating in EMP|SFM's Sound Off 2010! The Chalk EP was released in February, and we are planning on dropping 2 more EP's before the year is done. Come out to the new Hard Rock Cafe' in Seattle on April 25th and check us out!


As My Friend Would Say

Chalk EP: Cinnabar the One O' Clock Fox, Welcome Back the Rain, Never Again, Stumble On...

Set List

Cinnabar, Welcome Back the Rain, Never Again, Take it From Me, As my Friend would say, Peaches and Petrol, Black Friday, Perfectly Over Your Head, Minute Stretchers...