The Catholic Girls

The Catholic Girls


Driving rock with strong pop melodies, punk inspiration, soaring harmonies, and well-crafted guitar blends. Numerous listeners have compared the band’s sound to the likes of The Pretenders, Jefferson Airplane, The Ramones, Stevie Nicks and Patti Smith.


The Story:
The Catholic Girls were born in the 1980s when schoolgirls Gail Petersen and Roxy Andersen put their guitars together to form the first all-female band from New Jersey that would be signed to a major label. With the edition of Doreen Holmes on drums, The Catholic Girls released an album on MCA both in the USA and Australia and also on a special Armed Forces edition by Radio Free Europe. They embarked on 2 national tours, received widespread commercial airplay, and debuted on MTV to the music of their new wave anthem Boys Can Cry. In 2000, Renaissance Records revived the original album by transferring the masters to CD format. It’s success in chains such as Borders and websites like led to rapid sales and an impressive ranking. Fans of the band from The 80s were thrilled to have the girls in plaid back, and many new fans were made along the way. In 2002, the band released Make Me Believe (with Stephanie Koles now on bass guitar) as their first indie CD, embarked on a busy tri-state tour (NY/NJ/PA), opened for acts like Dave Davies of the Kinks , Gene Loves Jezebel and performed at The Knitting Factory in Hollywood for The International Pop Overthrow Festival. In addition they were nominated for “Top Rock Band of the Year” by the Asbury Park Music Awards and their latest video for the title song Make Me Believe reached the charts in Billboard.

Right Now:
The Catholic Girls are just getting started. In 2004, the three original members: Gail, Roxy, and Doreen, along with Stephanie began recording their third full-length CD and 7records has released their single Rock’n America/Summer Vacation nationally. Their East Coast tour is underway for Fall 2004 and will include both local and national venues along with an appearance at The International Pop Overthrow Festival in NYC. As the band’s reach has expanded, so has the energy that continually drives The Catholic Girls to transform their listeners into full-fledged rock and roll believers! Maybe there was a time when The Catholic Girls set out to prove that they could play with the boys. This undisputed, today’s Catholic Girls prove again and again that they can break all the rules and rock the pants off just about anyone, in any venue, anywhere!


Rock 'n America

Written By: Gail Peterson

Rock'n America
Music & lyrics by Gail Petersen
Copyright 2003

Wanna drive in my car
Wanna drive far away
22, 95, 101
Don’t matter which way
Roll the window
Blow dry the hair
Feel the tension leave the air
Gotta a guitar
It will take me anywhere

We’re rock’n America
We’re rock’n America
We’re rock’n America
Do you care!

Got the song in my head
Got my hands on the wheel
Drove all night, breaking rules
Gonna do what I feel
We take the stage loose control
Play some “Berry” rock’n roll
Hey Ho! I’m not gonna do what I’ve been told.

We’re rock’n America
We’re rock’n America
We’re rock’n America
Do you care!

Oh say can you see by the dawn’s early light.


The Catholic Girls - CD Single
SUMMER VACATION/ROCK'N AMERICA (A TRIBUTE TO JOEY RAMONE). This is the girl's latest national single release on 7records. Part Pop, part Punk, and all Rock. Two memorable, kick-ass songs with additonal rare interview sound bytes on this CD. Their full length CD will be released in Fall 2004.

The Catholic Girls - CD EP - 2002
MAKE ME BELIEVE is the current EP from the band. Yes, it's been a while between releases, but this time the wait has been worth it. Tracks include 'Young Boys', ' Make Me Believe', 'Somebody In The USA', 'It's Fun To Be In Love', 'If No One Fell In Love', 'Niagara Falls', ' Make Me Believe' (Acoustic mix), 'Somebody In The USA' (MTV mix), 'It's Fun To Be In Love' (Acoustic mix), 'If No One Fell In Love' (Acoustic mix), 'Niagara Falls' (Acoustic mix).

The Catholic Girls - Full Length CD - 2000
The original Catholic Girls CD has been completely re-mastered from the original studio tapes and is presented here in the CD format for first time ever. Also included in this package are 8 new, never before released, songs. The CD includes the tracks Someone New, C'est Impossible, A Boy For Me, Where Did I Go Wrong, Park Theatre, You Let Me Down, Private School, Boys Can Cry, I Called You Up & God Made You For Me, He Was Bad, Vampire, Don't Give Up The Fight, What I Want, Don't Stop, Back In Russia, Don't Lose Me Now & Don't Go To War.

The Catholic Girls - Album - 1982
Catholic Girls (MCA 5350) was released in the early part of 1982. Critically acclaimed at the time by both press and the media and also featured on MTV with the single BOYS CAN CRY. The Catholic Girls were an undeground cult hit at the time and the album was also released in both Australia and Canada. The album includes the tracks Someone New, C'est Impossible, A Boy For Me, Where Did I Go Wrong, Park Theatre, You Let Me Down, Private School, Boys Can Cry, I Called You Up & God Made You For Me.

The Catholic Girls - Singles
Catholic Girls
Boys Can Cry b/w Park Theatre was the first single released on MCA Records(MCA52135). This single features the line-up of Gail Petersen, Roxy Andersen, Joanne Holland & Doreen Holmes.
Private School b/w God Made You For Me was the second, and last, single to be released on the MCA Label (MCA52212) in the U.S.. This 45 features the edited version of God Made You For Me.
A Boy For Me b/w C'est Impossible was, to my knowledge, the only 45 released outside of the U.S.. This 45 with the small hole was released on the MCA label (MCS10915) in New Zealand & Australia.

The Double Cross Schoolgirls
Before the Catholic Girls there were the Double Cross Schoolgirls. This independent release on Cinema Records (008037XA) features the original line-up of Gail Petersen, Roxy Andersen, Joanne Holland & Marilyn O'Connor.
Side A: Private School, Side B: Where Did I Go Wrong. This is a true collector's item.

Set List

Sets can run anywhere from 45 minutes to two hours. The Catholic Girls can also provide three sets of material.

Set List includes their current single release songs SUMMER VACATION and ROCK'N AMERICA, along with classic CG songs such as BOYS CAN CRY, WHERE DID I GO WRONG, and YOU LET ME DOWN, tunes from MAKE ME BELIEVE such as YOUNG BOYS and SOMEBODY IN THE USA, and songs from their upcoming full length CD such as GROUNDED, FATAL, SHOULD HAVE BEEN MINE, and LONELY.

The Catholic Girls have been known to throw in a few favorite cover songs such as WHITE RABBIT, BOOTS (ARE MADE FOR WALKING), EIGHT DAYS A WEEK, and SEDATED.