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(These guys have a fantastic press kit! Everything I need was there, song lyrics, bio, the photography was great and a sticker. Wow! Very professional.)

The self-titled CD is written and performed by Jeff Ellis. When I see this on a CD label it runs up a red flag for me. Too often the resulting music is stagnant, redundant inbreeding; but that is not true with this CD. Jeff Ellis has instead created music with his own perspective ending with an excellent interpretation of what he wanted his music to say.

Track #4 "Change" captured my heart. This ballad is a seductive jewel among the aggressive driving rock music. The beautifully haunting lyrics and music come together to form a mood that swept me away. "Nothing ever stays the same you know there is only room for change."
"Maybe I am just scared to love you." (Trying not to go all fan-girl on you, but I absolutely love this song. )

Track #2 "Last Call Woman" grabs with you with the guitar. It is amazing how that guitar makes me want to get up and move. The way it is played and the way the piece is written really does it for me.

Track #6 "Hearts on Fire" is very unexpected and uplifting message. "Hearts on fire, Open up and let Him lead the way, never thirst again." Excellent lyrics played with a rich, full, upbeat sound that gets the message across without being maudlin.
My one criticism: Jeff Ellis has a crisp clear voice but I would have liked for the vocal tracks to be brought forward more on some of the tracks.

If you like full bodied, original, melodic hard driving rock you will like this CD.

My Space: The Cauze
Website: The Cause - CFM


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Surprisingly a new band formed in 2005, but they sound like a classic 80s melodic rockband. Imagine a mix between LOUD AND CLEAR and DANGER DANGER with JEFF SCOTT SOTOish vocals, then youre close to what this THE CAUZE from California/USA is all about. Do not confuse with the same named (and similar sounding band!) from Texas that put out one album in the 80s I believe. This THE CAUZE is definitely better, maybe a bit polished and too 80s sounding for some, but on the other hand a deadringer for fans of bands like LOUD AND CLEAR, DANGER DANGER, SLYBOYZ, FRICTION, JET RED, STRYPER, DOKKEN, MELIDIAN These guys are showing 80s melodic rock can still sound pretty good and they have included 12 catchy tunes on their first record, of which especially Those eyes, The chase, Looking for you and Somethings showing are very strong catchy melodic rocksongs. Better check out this band at: and e-mail them at:



The Cauze
has released a new original cd with twelve kick ass tunes the sound is strong the vocals are pure and it is an ideal cd for your kick ass car stereo. I was a little concerned when Jeff Ellis told me he was taking over at vocals but after listening I said why did he wait so long to make this change You will recall in a previous article I was touting The Cause as a must see if your in the L. A. area this is a band that has metal written all over it the guitars are solid and catchy I found myself humming or trying to figure out the cool parts of several songs after a couple of weeks the album had grown on me so much it found its self in my changer where I only keep the music I love The CD has everything from fun to a strong ballad offering you can get your own copy for like ten bucks well worth the cash and if your in L. A. check the clubs they are out there live and The Cauze is a great live act.
Order Your copy Here

Reviewer: thedude
Related Link: The Cauze Website
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Next, from the San Fernando Valley came The Cauze, who hit the stage for a set of old, new, and cover songs. Led by singer-songwriter-guitarist Jeff Ellis, the band opened with “Hearts On Fire,” showing themselves to be fully fired-up for the occasion. Left-handed Jeff busted loose with fine use of effects, not to mention a hellacious howl like Rob Halford, for “Now Or Never,” and then he announced that since the night was special, The Cauze wouldn’t mind plunging into a special cover tune or two, as the quartet then leaped into Boston’s “Rock-and-Roll Band.” Then came a new song, “Lip Service,” which featured energetic bass-work from Kevin Crider, whose nimble hands ranged all over both sides of his instrument’s neck. While he played, his happy hopping and spinning were pretty lively, too! And as always, Bobby Richards was rock-steady on the drums, along with true-believer guitarist Joel Ellis. The Cauze also played The Scorpions’ “Without You” and the great KISS classic, “Detroit City,” plus more prime cuts from their own catalogue, including “Lost” and “The Faith.” Noting that Guns N’Roses had popped up in the previous band’s set, Jeff made sure to mention The Cauze’s upcoming gig with Adler’s Appetite at Brixton South Bay in Torrance, on Saturday, February 28th. Should be a great time, just as The Cauze was showing at Paladino’s – for a great cause! - ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE/Rob Swick


THE CAUZE An original classic melodic rock band with a metal edge, a group of four multi talented musicians. The Cauze is Jeff Ellis/singer song-writer and lead guitarist, Joel Ellis/ vocals-guitarist, Kevin Crider vocals-bass, Bobby Richards/drums. This band is so committed; they truly have a passion for music and being apart of The Cauze. They have received great reviews from all their shows and their fan base continues to grow after each show. - GreenStock Productions


Creating a buzz in Southern California ever since they scored All Access Magazines’s coveted Best Melodic Group award in 2006, is The Cauze and with their release “Iron Horses” the hum is getting louder.
Formed by Jeff Ellis, lyricist, lead guitarist, and lead vocalist in January of 2005 The Cauze has become the realization of Ellis’s love for guitar and zeal for music and his time spent as a staple in the Orange County and L.A.’s music circuit.
Honing those chops, Ellis along with Joel Ellis (rhythm guitar), Kevin Crider (bass), and Bobby Richards (drums) evokes the stadium rock days of Knight Ranger and Europe and gives “Iron Horses” the gallop fans old and new have been yearning for.
Notable tracks like “The Faith”, “Mental Corruption” ‘Last Call Woman” and “Hearts on Fire” highlight The Cauze’s ability to move seamlessly from hard rock, ballad, authentic rock and pop and demonstrates their range and musical breadth.
Finally, Ellis has the vocal range and presence to pull off his killer technique via “Iron Horses” with the same stage élan and confidence that he and the rest of the band have become known for… in short- if you’re looking for the glory days of power vocals, shreds and arena fills, bring your riding gear and saddle up with “Iron Horses”. The ride will be smooth. - KIM THORE/ALL ACCESS MAGAZINE

"Rock The ToyBox IX A Toys For Tots Benefit in Conjunction with the U.S. Marines Rocked at Paladino’s"

Up next was an original classic-melodic rock band with a metal edge, The Cauze. Their passion for music is very clear, and had many lined up in front of the stage in total ahhhhhhh! Veterans of the music scene, The Cauze is now signed to Nightmare Records and was one of the very few bands asked back to this year’s Rocklahoma! It was an honor having them grace our stage here at Paladino’s to ROCK at Rock The ToyBox IX! Thanks, guys, for your help with our backline as well! - Debra Stocker/All Access Magazine


Our lastest single "Free The Dead" has just been released. Our tracks can be heard on myspace/thecauzeband and our website. We get radio play from several Internet Radio Stations including Broadcast Asylum, Radio Basile, and Netrock.



We are a professional Rock Band on and off stage. The Cauze cd "Iron Horses" received a distribution deal in September 2008 with Nightmare Records.

We are a very tight band and believe in giving our fans 100% of great entertainment. We have been blessed by receiving some great awards with LA Music Awards: Best Guitarist of the Year, Best Single of the Year and Best Album of the Year; also including Best Melodic Rock Band with AMM. We have opened up for several National Acts throughout Southern California and performed at Rocklahoma for the past two years for a festival with over 30,000 people in attendance.

Our original songs are very diversed from eachother. Some of the influences you might hear are Whitesnake, Judas Priest, and Neil Schon.

We also enjoy doing cover gigs and some of the bands we bring to our song list are listed below.

Jeff Ellis started The Cauze in 2004. After recording some of his originals he was encouraged to get his music heard live by family and friends. He has been blessed to have talented musicians joining him to perform his music live. Here is one of our latest you tube video

The Cauze music is set apart by most of today's Rock Music by it's harmonies, melodic tone and music that fans truly enjoy singing along with.

Their is so much more that makes our band work from Management, Fans, Family and Friends, Bookings, PR, Radio Play and so much more. It is a full circle of many special people and most importantly our Faith in God.