The C-Denny Band

The C-Denny Band


Wth a brand new album now out (Nov. 2009) this acoustic, roots-rock group is revered in circles from North Bay to Nashville. From traditional bluegrass gospel to original rock... their driving rythms and tight harmonies make this dynamic band a crowd pleaser everywhere they play. Book 'em now!!!


The C-Denny Band has showcased more than once at IBMA in Nashivlle, and participated in songwriter circles there in music city. C-Denny's brand new album, Takin' Flight, includes a co-write with John Pennell (hits recorded by Alison Krause, & Alan Jackson; John is a founding members of Union Station). One of the band's most memorable gigs, was a performance on the CP Spirit train, building momentum for the 2010 olympic games, opening for Canadian blues/rocker, Colin James. At the core of the band is a father and his two daughters; people releate to the onstage antics which appeal to both young and old alike. C-Denny's vast music repertoire is appropriate for all audiences.


The C-Denny Band released its debut CD, "Gospel, Folk & Grassroots" in July 2006; all proceeds from its sale go to cancer charity, and at last count, they have raised over $12K. The undertaking was ambitious one (for a debut album), given the number of cuts, (17), nine of which were penned by frontman, Denis Chadbourn, who also co-produced the project.

In 2007, the band contributed to the compilation cd "North to Ontario 2007" which subsequently won the Gem of Canada award, and nominated for Recording of the Year at C.C.B.M.A.

Both CDs were well received, nationally and internationally, charting mostly on campus radio, and some AM Station.

The C-Denny Band's new release (Takin' Flight) is a full-lenth album, the recording of which was split between North Bay and Nashville. All songs are originals written by frontman Denis Chadbourn, with the exception of 2 co-writes.

Set List

Set lists are determined by the type of venue being played, audience demographics, the nature of the event, and by request. Inevitably, there is always a balance struck that appeals to all. Play lists include originasl and covers.