The Cedars of Lebanon

The Cedars of Lebanon

 Iowa City, Iowa, USA

Acoustic driven rock set to a backdrop of commanding electric guitars and dynamic drum rhythms. This alternative indie-pop band seeks to address genuine existential issues such as death, guilt, meaning, and destiny. Your thoughts will be provoked and your emotions will be stirred.


Hailing from Iowa City, Iowa The Cedars of Lebanon pack a unique fusion of lyrical ballad and alternative rock meant to engage the listener on an existential level. Mitch Moylan's EP Ashes and Dust is brought to new life behind the backdrop of driving drums and over-driven, ethereal guitar conjuring up intimations of U2, Dave Matthews, and Tom Delonge. One writer has described the songs as "acoustic guitar driven parables of redemption and destruction."

The focal point of The Cedars is to bring to life the lyrical images of Mitch Moylan and create an intimate setting where the listener can understand Moylan's message. Moylan is known to tell stories during the breakdown of songs and at times use the practice of slam poetry in order to engage the listener on a different plane.

The band was formed by Moylan in August 2009 to add depth to live performances of some demos he had recorded. After several months of shows, The Cedars decided to lay down a definitive EP. Combining the intensity of Arcade Fire and the solid rock of The Kings of Leon, The Cedars are now fresh out of the studio with their first EP entitled "Ashes and Dust." Recorded at Catamount Studios in Cedar Falls, Iowa, working with Tom Tatman, a producer whose credentials include a gold record with Stone Sour, the EP's title track offers great potential for distribution on account of its quality sound, unique style, radio friendly length, and thought-provoking lyrics. The ethereal, over-driven electric guitars of Adam Thomas highlight the character of The Cedars and the pulse of Oliver Molina's drums walks in step with the paralleled urgency of Moylan's lyrics, The song messages have a directness that can be abrasive, but is tempered by a refreshing honesty and raw emotion.

The Cedars are regulars on the Iowa City circuit. Venues include The Blue Moose Taphouse, The Mill, Yacht Club, Gabes and M.C. Ginsberg's Friday Afernoon music series. The band has played everything from intimate acoustic settings at coffee shops to CD release parties to packed bars. We have played churches and retreats as well.


Ashes and Dust

Written By: Mitch Moylan

Ashes and dust,
What our flesh is reminded of.
(Why do you run to hold to a life not yet begun?)
Beauty and love
Worth martrydom
(Can't you see that what you make won't set you free?)

Oh! Timeless Truths,
be man's muse
give us strength to not confuse
the touch of flesh when our need attests
to the lust concealed as Love's regress

Just as the sun
rises to great heights.
So what we've done
rests when day turns night.
For those that see
all that sets
in the world
means to reflect
the shadow of divine regret
shines in the hearts of those bereft.
For those in need
know the mystery
that he who bleeds
lies on his knees
and sees that he is broken.

The Wound

Written By: Mitch Moylan

Postures of mind and all our affections
Can lead us away from desired directions
But as we say from tired collections
Of memories wired against our perfection
We will wake up

We will wake up
From ashes and blood
Guns and thugs
Rich men’s sins, fundamentalist grins
Deprave fun and hell-bent love
And all the evil under the sun
But when will we wake up?

When will we wake up
From this restless sleep
Where our soul is beat
And every turn down this binding street
Yearns for its filling of hypocrisy
And burns every time it’s ready to feed.

This wound is swollen
Hearts are broken
Guilt: it seeps in
When His word has spoken

You know we need a friend in Heaven
Because up until our dying day
The wrongs we choose must be forgiven
The debt we have must be paid.

But you know you got a friend in Heaven
Who would love to look the other way

To give a city for us renegades
Who don’t take the time to try and save
One small dime of what we make
In this sub terrain, earthly domain

because a long time ago
in a deep far land,
a choice was made that brought us our end
and though we always try to mend
this wound we see in mortality,
the dye has been cast.
the stain that's been made
don't change no matter what they say
it's all good and fun
until the fun is all done

then you know you need a friend in Heaven


Ashes and Dust EP

All tracks are open for streaming on Itunes, Spotify, and Google Music. You can purchase the EP at any major online music distributor.

here are some videos if you want to get to know us!!

1) mitch fooling around on bass

2) rachel recording vocals

Set List

The set list varies depending on the show—typically it will run anywhere from 45-60 mins. Tracks include:

—Entire Ashes & Dust EP
—multiple other originals
—Occasional covers from bands relevant to our genre (Kings of Leon, Arcade Fire, etc)