The Celestial Inferno

The Celestial Inferno

 Atlanta, Georgia, USA

Zombie Conspiracy


When a clown enters your mind you think to yourself "Hah". The way in which one becomes funny is to enter the mind of a rabbit-bear. A rabbit-bear doesn't discriminate against other animals. How can you ask me what you are? I don't know who you are and why you don't know who you are when you think of me. This is not a joke. This is not a joke. Hah! But you are. We like to think of ourselves as shark infested waters. Just when you think you are alone, we eat you alive with one thousand decibels of fear, insatiable hunger for cheese, and happiness. You like guitar? We don't, but you will love when we play it. You like bass? It gives us the runs, but when you hear it you are gonna feel like you just entered a hot tub in the middle of the arctic. Drums anyone? We have a few, when we beat them your booty be moving like a paint mixer. Get it on. Get it on. Music making, drug taking, love bumpin'. Come to one of our shows. You won't regret not going...Sometimes perfluorocarbon suspension is the only answer to a dying wife's tale. Immersed in immortal brain waves, bringing you back through a doorway made of what would seem like an intentional outcome, but it is really just the byproduct of the energy and emotion put into the creation and its process. Chew the black root, the natural residue will outlast any memory.



Written By: The Celestial Inferno

Lock yo front doe
Let’s Get Laid Bro
Let the Blood flow

Creepy Mr. Moor
Blood is running thick
Blood is running thick

I the elusive bro
From the broletariate
Come to you pastures
Sucking blood as time passes
Wreckin’ Sheppards and dog’s named Murphy unto death

As your lives remain civilized, worthless, and meak
I’m in your pubs
Hand me thine beer bong bro.
Fill her with Natalie light
And hook up thine game cube

When I hear my favorite Jackey Johnson song
I become elusive in form
Alien from your race.
I reach the celestial bodies when I plow your teenage daughter
I am the chuppacabreaux
Cover your ass

Cycloptic Acumen

Written By: The Celestial Inferno

Spawned vision
Of his eye
World comes to be
Dream of the fallen

Viking with one eye
Both hind and for
No notion of depth
With in his one sight

Viking with one eye
Both Hind and for
No absolute notion of his true depth

Bring his thoughts to reality
Feel my wrath inside of you

He failed himself
Spent the night with a whore

He plots revenge
for his suffering

Satanic monster flood
Slit her throat
Leave that whore in the mud
Burn her when your done

The Unholy Sap of Science

Written By: The Celestial Inferno

On a cloud amidst a winter night
Venomous fang strikes the bird from above


Transforms my friend to scaly beast
Meditations summon leathery skin
With an eye brings thine spiritual feast
Unhinged jaw swallows what mind withub
Sam becomes divine lizard-man

Dark night, haunted broken skies
Fragmentation, cracked lines run through the mind
Cursed, lamentations wake in the hooded man’s eye

The animals of the forest