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"Home of Rock (Germany - Translated from German)"

Some things are strange. A Yank as a singer of a Czech group which devotes itself to classical southern rock, or something very similar to southern rock. But what is, actually, classic southern rock? Small tip: "Southern rock is hype, nothing but hype!", as Ronnie Van Zant (lead singer of Lynyrd Skynyrd)once said. Well, the hype is long over. Today, Southern rock is often a meeting place of diehards with strong reactions to music (of many fans and some groups) that is sometimes terribly in. On the other hand, there probably is barely nicer music than these guitars, especially if they indulge in endless solos alone and together, the wonderful piano tones in the well-known Honky-Tonk style, and above all: these spectacular singers who, over and over again, sound so properly after a guy and not after some cissy. We have already mentioned the southern singer masterpiece (Ronnie Van Zant from Lynyrd Skynyrd) which is the one on top. Many others came afterwards and I am still glad about every new one which is capable of shouting and singing melodically. With Mr. Gore, from THE CELL, we again have discovered such a singer. Who are THE CELL anyway? They are Czechs, some from the fallen Czech southern rock group GENERAL LEE, plus Gore,who came to Prague and liked it so much that he didn't want to go back to his native country. Prague is dreamlike, but not really a mecca of rock and roll. These days, the music consumer bends every group to some type of classification. With THE CELL he will get into real trouble. This is not southern rock like LYNYRD SKYNYRD. CHARLIE DANIEL'S is also the wrong classification. GREGG ALLMAN too. So what are they? If you can't find what style they are, it doesn't matter, because their style searches You out! Primarily, THE CELL are like themselves, since THE CELL sound like a fresh rock band which has a desire for melody. And they do not sound like a volume band from the Bible Belt, rather more like a modernized, worldly version from Europe. How refreshing. Before now some people were frustrated: Thank goodness for THE CELL, no NuRock or other hipster junk. They naturally flow in the traditions of good old rock music, absolutely show off with three guitars (and now somebody say to me that 3 guitars on the edge of the stage does not look magnificent) and at the same time sound like groups from the 70's. But they do not play in a blind rage, as some bands do; here creativity is announced. If one absolutely needs a classification, maybe this will help. They are like 38 SPECIAL without every mainstream flow, or terrible radio compulsion with the hideous synthetic orgies of the eighties. This diminished their (38 Special's) great technical and songwriting abilities which revolved around a teeny-weeny jam factor (the song "Long Gone" from THE CELL, for example, sounds similiar to the band JUPITER COYOTE). THE CELL have such pearls on their first album, entitled "Are You Ready?". Whether you take the high class rocker "The Blues Never Stops" (the accompanying video runs on Czech television) or the slightly marshy grooving "Ready For A Ride", to the swinging up tempo number "Third Bitch In A Row" with crazy guitars and excellent hammond organ, to the overriding, female singers song "Backdoor Woman". The ballads are unembarrassing and nice, the rockers in the best way possible free of all stereotypes and also, if not all of the songs are at the highest level, they have managed to reach a level which is almost comparable to U.S. groups. This also counts for the production which is crystal clear and without every useless rubbish precisely on time, the things which you find on timeless rock records. If we spoke a little further about radio, the DJ's of some stations should sometimes play numbers like "Dreams Inside My Head". THIS is a perfect song for the Jukebox. Or must it always be FOREIGNER or "Hold On Loosely" if classic rock is to be played? "Are You Ready?" is a very good CD. The type which one puts on over and over again and is really glad to discover new delicacies each time. Fred Schmidtlein, 11.09.2005 - Fred Schmidtlein

"Bärchen Records (Germany) - CD Review (translated from German)"

On their homepage, they call themselves simply a "Southern Rock Band"! This is true, but limiting this first-class group to "only" classical Southern Rock does not do them justice! "The Cell" comes from beautiful Prague, in the Czech Republic (!!!), and it plays refreshing, unencumbered classic rock/blues whose retro base is timely and up-to-date. The group is built around the great U.S.-singer/guitarist David Gore (coming from Louisiana), who impressively proves that this style of music can survive in Eastern Europe. Around Gore is a group of elitist, experienced musicians from the Czech bluesrock scene who present 11 original compositions (written by Gore and guitarist Michal Benes) which are convincing by their successful melodies, as well as their crisp, spicy and powerful arrangements! The songs are dominated by a full 3 guitar line-up, drums, bass, pleasantly filled in with organ passages and, besides Gore's striking voice, there are the splendid, voluminous voices of the southern soul female background singers which sound in the best manner like Lynyrd Skynyrd's Honkettes! Very persuasive song material! At the beginning of the album, there are two genuine, classic southern rock numbers: At first, the great "The blues never stops" with its Lynyrd Skynyrd style licks and the strong, twin, fat guitar solos in the middle. This is followed by the bluesy, riff-filled, full muggy swamp atmosphere of "Ready for a ride", which honors its title and really comes across like an imaginary roadtrip through the U.S. southlands. Great female background voices, fine organ playing and at the end, an ingenious Wah Wah solo. Spicy! Authentic! There are also a few convincing ballads! For example, the melodic "Out of time " with its nice, clear acoustic riff and a great guitar solo in the middle (similiar to 38 Special and Foreigner but without the synthesized sound), or the grooving "Dreams inside my head"! Also, the classy southern-flavoured melodic riff rocker "Burnin' like a fire ", the rocking blues-boogie "Third bitch in a row", the classic, current, very much southern grooving, earthy guitars surrounded blues "Down", as well as the funky riff-based, but uncommonly loose, ear candy "Long gone" which reminds one a little of the Doobie Brothers. The group have been playing the local southern rock scene and rightly so, have already become successful there, as well as having an appearance at the famous "Gator parties" (southern rock festival in Germany)! This is a fine debut and we already look forward to, and have high expectations for, the next album. "Southern Fried Bohemian Blues-Rock" from Prague describes their sound very well! The group, by the way, is managed by Kalle Ramming (the "domestic" southern rocker who, among other things, became famous with his former collaboration with the German southern rock group Flatman) and produced the album together with the group. "Are you ready"? ... - of course, we are ready for The Cell! Barchen Records 03/06 - Barchen Records

"Blewzzman's Blues CD Review ("

In the fall of 1993, DAVID GORE, of Lafayette, Louisiana, had one of those days similar to the one that Michael Douglas had in the movie "FALLING DOWN" (which by the way, was released in 1993). In case you've never seen the flick, Michael plays a very stressed out member of the work force, who buckles under the pressure of long commutes, in constantly heavy traffic, and goes on a rampage. And I do mean a rampage!

Fortunately, DAVID didn't quite take it to the same extreme. He simply said �That�s it, I'm leaving the country!�. And he did. From reading his bio, it's apparent that it was one of the best decisions he ever made in his life. Not only did he end up in several very successful business ventures, but he obviously met a bunch of extremely talented Czech musicians and formed himself one hell of a band - THE CELL.

Members of this excellent band are: DAVID GORE, Lead Vocals, Guitar and Co-Writer of all the songs; MICHAL BENES, Guitar, Vocals and Co-Writer of all the songs; TOMAS HOMUTA, Hammond Organ and Piano; VERONIKA MILATOVA, Vocals; LEO KOUDELKA, Bass and Vocals; MILAN MILATA, Drums and Vocals. Special guest cell mates include: PETER BOSKA, Guitar; HANA VANIKOVA, Vocals; MIKE GORE, Vocals; JAN MOC. Violins; JAN CZAKAL, Cello; JARDA HULA, Harmonica.

The opening track on "ARE YOU READY", which features eleven all original tracks, is "THE BLUES NEVER STOPS (UNTIL YOU'RE DEAD)". Hopefully, that's true. I can handle the blues in the rest of my life. Unfortunately that's not how this song is addressing it. These haunting blues are caused by the "devils daughter' who yanked out her lover's heart and carved it up. This is why his blues will never stop. This is a real hard drivin' number with excellent lead and background vocals and some serious guitar playing. A very impressive opening track, it leaves you looking forward to what's ahead. Which, by the way, is another very similar smokin' track called "READY FOR A RIDE".

"BURNIN' LIKE A FIRE" features some absolutely stunning drum work by MILAN. This, added to what by now has become this bands signature features - it's lead and back ground vocals and phenomenal guitar work, makes this one of the discs highlights.

"DREAMS INSIDE MY HEAD" , a much slower paced track, features several very nice organ and piano solos by TOMAS and a real nice, very bluesy guitar solo by MICHAL. As usual, the background vocals by VERONIKA and HANA are right on the spot.

"BACK DOOR WOMAN" features the two ladies that have, all disc long, been blowing me away with their background vocals. However, on this track, they're even more enjoyable because VERONIKA and HANA are sharing the lead vocals. The talented ladies make this track an automatic highlight.

"THIRD BITCH IN A ROW" could be the theme song of many a single man. After being with three bitches in a row, this poor soul cannot take it anymore, as he decides to shoot or hang her, he is already preparing himself for what he's going to tell the judge - quite simply - "She's his third bitch in a row". Fortunately it's just a dream. Excellent vocal, lyrics musicianship make this another of the discs many winners.

I don't exactly know if the THE CELL will be planning an American tour any time soon, especially since there's always the chance that DAVID may go "MICHAEL" if he ever returns. However, you should look into getting your hands on a copy of "ARE YOU READY" by this Southern Fried Bohemian Blues Rock Band. - PETER "BLEWZZMAN" LAURO


The Cell released its first album, "Are You Ready", in March 2006. The single released from this album was "The Blues Never Stops" and received airplay in the Czech Republic and France. MP3 samples from the album can be found on The Cell's website and the album can be bought at



The Cell's music is a combination of rock, blues and southern rock. The combination of all Czech musicians, with an American from the south on lead vocals and guitar, makes for an interesting and powerful sound. East meets West on the stage of rock and roll! Some songs can be classified as strictly rock, some strictly as blues, some as southern rock, some as ballads and some just can't be put into one strict genre, but all have the hard driving rhythms, powerful vocals and melodic song structure that defines The Cell.

David Gore, on vocals and guitar, has his feet firmly planted in hard rock and southern rock. Michal Benes and Martin Endl, both on lead guitar, are strongly rooted in the blues. Tomas Homuta, on hammond organ/piano/harmonica, has his soul within the blues and southern rock genre's. Milan Milata, on drums, is the king of southern rock and hard rock. Veronika Milatova, on background vocals, is a fan of traditional Czech music, country and blues. Vladka Svobodova, on background vocals, grew up with jazz and blues and lists her main influence as Ella Fitzgerald.

The thing which sets The Cell apart from other groups is our melding of the Czech and American cultures. Michal Benes and David Gore work together to create all of the songs for The Cell. Both come from completely different backgrounds and cultural upbringing, which gives The Cell's songs a unique and instantly recognizable sound. Michal Benes arranges the songs and creates the instrumentals, while David Gore contributes the melody and lyics to the song.

THE CELL was established in Prague, Czech Republic in 2002 when American singer/guitarist/songwriter David Gore auditioned one of his new songs to Czech drummer Milan Milata. From this spark, THE CELL was formed. Both Milan and David shared a love for southern rock music and wanted to create a group based on this sound. To fulfill this ideal, eight members were needed. In addition to a bass player, their vision required two additional guitarists, two female background singers and a hammond organ player. First to be recruited was Czech guitarist/singer/songwriter Michal Benes, Czech bassist/singer Leo Koudelka and Czech vocalist Veronika Milatova. In 2004, Czech hammond organ player/pianist/harmonica player Tomas Homuta joined the group. Later, Czech vocalist Vladka Svobodova and Czech guitarist/singer Martin Endl, joined the group. Thus, the line-up was completed and the vision achieved. Although the original concept was a southern rock group, through the years the sound has has developed and into a rock, southern rock, blues hybrid.