The Cellars

The Cellars


The Cellars is a band like no other. A hybrid of Rock, Funk, Blues and Dance that is guaranteed to lift you off your seat and get you grooving for hours of bass thumping, guitar driven music. Located in Southern Ontario, we are the indie choice for those in the know. Available wherever, whenever.


The Cellars is an eclectic mix of music and personality. Impossible to brand in any one genre, The Cellars are a collaboration that brings a fusion of Rock, Blues, Jazz, Funk and Dance music that many fans have described as totally unique. When on stage, the band plays with an energy that few other bands can match. The result is a groove that as one fan puts it, "makes people dance uncontrollably." The Cellars have the rare ability to take the audience on a journey through a kaleidoscope of sounds and energies. Coming form a vast repertoire of influences from music over the last hundred years, the band has created magic in the air with a tonal orgasm of sound.
Playing and residing in Southern Ontario, the band has gained a legendary reputation in the Georgian Bay region having played festivals and Community Centres for years. Originally from Orangeville, the band has now dug deep roots in Collingwood, Orangeville and Guelph.


The Cellars are finalizing their long awaited first studio album as we speak! There is expected to be 12 songs on the finished product and will be available for distribution in early June, 2009.

Previous albums are available from Live shows including the memorable Cadillac Lounge session.

Set List

The Cellars plays 95% original material. Our typical set list can range from 45 minutes to more than three hours divided into three 45 minute sets. Our 45 minute origianl material songlist is listed below:

1. SO
2. La Groove
3. Another Day
4. So Hard
5. Sphinx
6. Elevator
7. Find the Will
8. Suzy
9. Beaver Valley
10. Scramble On

Cover material in the past has included songs by Tom Waits, The Beatles and The Rolling Stones.