The Chaenge

The Chaenge

 Hamburg, Hamburg City, DEU

The Chaenge is Funk and Disco in a new era. Having fun with our instruments we perform on stage in clubs. This is our future club music!

We are proud to present our 10th release and the first album on FormResonance in June 2011! A stunning surprise is awaiting: label director Florian Schirmacher developed something completely out of the box together with the living Techno legend Mijk van Dijk:


After the preliminary release of the single "Love Devotion" on David Carr


Mijk "The Legendary" van Dijk has set the bar in the Techno scene since the early 90's. He was one of the first European artist in Japan and still follows and promotes his philosophy of thinking and acting without borders. Probably only a few people know that he was a bass player in a Funk band before he started his career in Techno. The funk strikes back!
Florian "The Voice" Schirmacher is producer and singer of Wareika, Federleicht, Hatikvah, Here Today , and of course THE CHAENGE.
His approach to build up musical projects together with other artists sets yardsticks when it comes to the question how to define a band. He is rightly regarded as an exceptional figure in the current club culture, with an instinct that always hits the mark precisely. Catharina Behr is next to the guys live on stage and acts as drummer.

Past - Present - Future; THE CHAENGE triggers a variety of connotations and shows quite confident future visions on the new record. They present a synthesis of camp, irony, elegance, seriousness and a wink of a surprising turn in their songs.THE CHAENGE should be seen as a neatly tailored colorful kaleidoscope. The carefully chosen cover version of André Cymone's "Dance Electric" (written by none other than Prince) proves their courage to raise their music to a new and higher level. The essence and spirit of funk is preserved and transformed into the current club culture.
Their compositions draw a rich picture full of musicality and passion. They speak with one voice and create a synthesis that forms a character:
THE CHAENGE is our rebellion.


"Love Devotion" Vinyl EP (Space Factory / France)
"Rebellion" CD, Album (FormResonance / Germany )

distr. via Wordandsound

Japanease compilation

Upcoming "City of love" EP on FormResonance

Set List

Florian Schirmacher Synthesizer and Vocals
Mijk van Dijk Table with sequenzer
Catharina behr drums