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I. You Cannot Understand:

The debut album “You Cannot Understand” successfully combines western music element and Taiwanese local culture, and shows a rare rock and roll style in Taiwan.

In the studio, The Chairman distinguishes itself from other bands by avoiding digital sound and modification. It delivers a ‘70s hardcore band recording style. Only in this way, it can let the listeners hear its true voice. If you listen to this album, you will feel like standing right in front of the stage, hearing these guys playing hard for you.

Bluntness and boldness are two particular qualities of The Chairman. Words reflect its observation of the world, straightforward and honest. As a great band, The Chairman is a barrel of laughs. Sometimes you can hear in the songs lots of Taiwanese slangs that draw people closer and tickle them when they find out the meaning of the words.

II. Chairman.tw2:

Inheriting the style of first album, the second album Chairman.tw2 is truly a satirical work. The Chairman chooses to let out its anger toward the injustice of the society. Apart from the straight voice toward the social issue, The Chairman also wrote songs to comfort and to encourage heartbroken individuals.

Starting from first album, The Chairman insists to participate all the process of production. In the second album, The Chairman invites famous recording engineer Jason Muzza to take part in the production in the name of achieving the level as other worldwide known bands do. After a long-term revision, this time The Chairman raises its production expenditure to $150,000 (5 mils NTD) to present a high quality rock album.

III. 11 Tai:

The name “11 Tai” refers to not only 11 songs sung in Taiwanese, but also the analogy of gambling culture in Taiwan. This album reflects the phenomenon that most people do all their best to speculate in the hope of getting rich overnight. This album is even designed to be a box of mah-jongg, a gambling game for four players that originated in China, in order to respond to the songs.

In the third album “11 Tai”, The Chairman adds new flavors to disclose the current society’s culture, such as Hip-hop, Techno sound. Although it is not its original intent but these new elements do enrich this album in a way. In this album, The Chairman records two live tracks, busting out of the chains the computer music has wrapped it in to become what it truly is.

IV. Guan Yu’s Solo Album

V. Looking for A New World:

In the previous album “11 Tai”, The Chairman added few electronica and techno elements. The Chairman wants to continue its fresh attempt in its fifth album “Looking for A New World”. This time, it integrates in this album many styles including Britpop, Eletron Hardcore Punk, Post-rock, and World Music. Moreover, what is different from past albums is that it used to depend on Wu Yong-Chi’s song writing skill in past albums, but this time other band members start to give out their compositions and thus make this album more diverse. Along with the new drummer and guitarist joining, The Chairman considered this is the time to ascend themselves to a higher level. From the lyrics you can see it has also transformed the resentment into the care for our society and the world.

VI. True & False:

“True & False” takes the audience back to the good old days. On the album cover you can find an old Taiwanese root beer’s bottle cap. Dressed with an ancient-trend style, The Chairman wants to blend the old-fashioned and the latest style of music. Old sounds such as the special guitar playing technique (The Venture) from the ‘70s Taiwanese local opera, or The Tu Ma Melody played with out-of-date keyboard, while sometimes you can hear a-go-go mixed with drum’n’bass or Disco beats accompanied by The Bee Gees backing vocals. Even in the language, The Chairman grabs the chance to play in a fun way; it sings in 7 languages in this album, including Mandarin, Taiwanese, Hakka, Cantonese, English, and Malay. By sampling the Taiwanese song’s sound, The Chairman reminisces and tributes to the old Taiwanese culture, but on the other hand, play in a creative way to redecorate these beautiful memories.

VII. Spend All His Money:

In “Spend All His Money”, The Chairman wants to describe the complexity of the relationship between one and another and how people hypnotize themselves to take deception and injustice for granted. In this album, The Chairman again shows its love for real instrument. In the process of recording this album, The Chairman refuses to depend on computer to make music. It is also the first time it uses such a large budget to hire famous recording engineer Andy Baker from the United States. What’s special is that The Chairman prepares 2 CDs in one album. One CD contains original recording of the songs, while CD2 contains the remix of these songs in CD1,



In Taiwan, a temple is the center of people’s belief as compared to the church in western world. In addition, a temple can reveal the art forms in one region because the temple are usually built and decorated by well-trained artisans. On certain days such as the birthday of gods, people will hold some spiritual activities or rituals. For example, “Chu Shiun“ is a typical activity, which, people believe, performs a function of destroying bad spirits.

The prevalence of religious activities will also promote one region’s drama and miscellaneous performances. Apart from the function of entertainment and art, religious activities also perform a function of uniting and educating people. The Chairman thinks these traditional activities are valuable to Taiwan people so it samples in its album a few of Taiwanese local opera music, which can best represent Taiwanese traditional culture.