The Championship

The Championship

 Milwaukee, Wisconsin, USA

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  • Allen Cote Guitarist

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Bear Rifle Records
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The Sword

Written By: Joseph L. Crockett

went to the edge of the world
but got lost in the woods
no one could save me but you

crossed over the ocean
by light of the silvery moon
all I could think of was you

came to the valley of death
with my sword and I stood
no one could save me but you

climbed up the mountain
and into the sky to return
into the arms of you

and I keep moving on


Written By: Joseph L. Crockett

stay away from them young gals
they'll tear your heart out, boy

ain't nothing like them old gals
who'll treat you like they should

Black Cloud

Written By: Joseph L. Crockett

no place to hide or run
black cloud's gonna hide the sun
gotta keep moving on

gonna die for a rich man's blood
they call the Evil One
black cloud's gonna hide the sun


Dance Casador! - 2006, Bear Rifle Records (includes singles "Liar Liar" and "A Change," in steady rotation on Milwaukee radio)

Midnight Golden - 2008, Bear Rifle Records (includes singles "Ferris Wheel" and "Far Behind," in steady rotation on regional radio)

Moving at the Speed of Darkness - 2009, Bear Rifle Records (includes single "The Sword," in steady rotation on regional radio)

Set List

Typical sets are an hour long; and upwards of three hours can be comfortably filled with original selections. Occasional covers include "Dead Flowers" (Rolling Stones), "You Ain't Going Nowhere" (Bob Dylan), "Old Man" (Neil Young), "Lodi" (Creedence Clearwater Revival), "Get Back" (The Beatles), and misc. others.