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The best kept secret in music


"Sparechange00 50,000 Moments"

Rocket Fuel:
Fifty Thousand Moments
Once I put this in, I immediately rocked the f*ck out...
Whatever happened to Samiam? They used to be such a wonderful band, writing great songs with a vocal drive and a guitar energy that few other bands compared to. Then they got old or something, cuz those guys are like 90 by now, I dunno...
Sparechange have taken a page from the Samiam book and put most of the contents into this release. The first track, "Heart's the driver", wins the "I will be putting this on various mixes from now on" award. It has an early 90's sound that few bands can successfully utilize today. When the song nearing completion, I really don't want it to end.. I NEED this to keep going. Dammit, where the fuck did I put my copy of Samiam's 'Soar' LP? Thankfully, before it ends, "What plagues my center?" bleeds right into the opening track and has more of an anthemic alterna-rock feel, mostly fueled by amazingly melodic vocal chorus. Three more songs kids, don't let me down.... "My song on the radio" and "Things I'd like to tell you" stay pretty close by in terms of comparison, although to be honest, the excitement I initially discovered over the course of the first few songs begins to wear off towards the end of these two tracks. "Things.." is not the best song, and I'm hoping that the first few (and parts of the third) weren't simply lucky strikes. Hopefully this song is a filler type song. The have it, so why not put it on here, type of thing. At least it's buried towards the end, so its presence can easily be skipped over. The final track, "Oceans", is an acoustic based song with the same sort of vocal driving force as the previous tracks, but it's lacking the incredible backing of driving guitars. It does supply a nice ending. Fortunately, the placement of a not so great song ("Things I'd like to tell you") numbed my mind a bit as I found myself no longer paying quite the amount of attention to my rocking out and mellowed out some, so the placement of "Oceans" worked well just where it is.
Is this a teaser for things to come, or did they just get lucky with a few amazing tracks? This shit is incredibly catchy and the rock value is way too much to ignore. I wish that the packaging was a bit nicer looking (it sports a mostly bland cover with band photos on it), which would make this release a bit noticeable. I'm a sucker for things that look good, and I often pass over records that might be damn good, based solely on the cover alone! Fortunately, somehow, this CD miraculously made it into my CD player one morning for my walk to the office. What's up with their future? Their bio says touring a lot, so I can't wait to catch them live to check out their earlier songs and to get a peek into the future. Ohio's Sparechange00 is without a doubt, one of THE bands to watch.
- Rocket Fuel Amgazine


Fifty thousand moments
"Exploding" out of Canton, OH and releasing three records most of us are unfamiliar with, the three-piece Sparechange00 deserve a lot better. Sounding like they come from more of an indie rock/power pop background than a punk background (punk weaned on punk is getting further and further from its rock roots, ya know?), this five-song EP might pack the punch of the first time you heard the Goo Goo Dolls (don’t want to go as far as Elvis Costello or Hüsker Dü, cuz let’s be realistic, huh?) and realized mid-tempo paces and the right chords supporting a powerful, passionate vocal line could be pushed harder than punkpop’s spastic flailings. Perhaps the kids’ll understand if I compare this to "emo/punk" like Boxer, Saves the Day, The Ataris, and Avail, though not as "kiddie sounding" as some of those bands.
Interview With Ryan By Melissa At supersonic MAG:
- SuperSonic Magazine

"EP review"

Naughty Secretary Club
Fifty Thousand Moments
By Ben Dickey
For their own sake, it’s good Sparechange00 has got their shit together, because if they hadn’t, their choice of band name would be inexcusable. The trio plays a potent mix of SoCal pop punk (a la No Use For A Name) with a few emo-pop breakdowns thrown in for good measure, which are heavily reminiscent of those kids in Saves the Day, as well as the rest of the Vagrant roster. Track one, “Heart’s the Driver” is the clear high point of this 5-song EP, with track two (“What Plagues My Center?”) being the clear loser of the bunch. The Sparechange crew clearly covers no new ground, but it doesn’t really seem like originality is what these guys are going for. And that being the case, this EP is a true success. If you’re looking for something to pass time between No Use For a Name and All records, this one’s for you. Otherwise, I might look elsewhere.
Sparechange00 - "Fifty-Thousand Moments" (Cargo / Grilled Cheese)
by Scott Hefflon
- Naughty Secretarys Club

"EP review"

Fifty Thousand Moments EP
(Grilled Cheese-Cargo)
reviewed in issue #219, 7/16/01
As this EP rapidly approached its end, I was just sitting on my butt enjoying it, rather than actually writing anything. So I figured I'd look up my review of last year's album, just to see if I liked it as much.
Um, yeah. Sticky, ragged hooks and blistering riffage. Eternally uptempo, the kind of stuff that makes the heart sing. You know, really good and all.
Five songs are not enough. Sparechange00 has shown an astonishing propensity for cranking out utterly blissful tunes. I'm getting the idea that there's no way to stop it. And, you know, I have no idea why anyone would even want to try.
- Splendid E-Zine


Press Reviews
Concrete Web:
SPARECHANGE00: "Fifty thousand moments" (Grilled cheese – Cargo music)
Release: 2002
3 piece unit Sparechange00 from Canton, OH who have already released three CD’s and an EP, before this new EP and are about to make name hopefully also in Europe. This is classic delivered Emo-Punk rock, great song-writing hooks drenched with insolent emotional lyrics and Avail meets Dave Pirner like vocals.
"Heart’s the driver" is fast punk rock reminding us of classic Doughboys meets the old and sadly almost forgotten brilliancy of Soul Asylum. More heartfelt pain continues with "What plagues my center?" before speeding up with "My song on the radio" "Things I’d like to tell you" sounds a bit like The Marches. "Oceans" is a classic acoustic singer songwriter pop hit which if only played by MTV could become as huge as the old time Saigon Kick tearjerker "Love is on the way", for now we hope that doesn’t happen straight away and that Europe will be given the chance too see this band in action at the local Punk joint or why not supporting the likes of Avail or Hot Water Music which they are also often compared to. All those different comparisons and pigeonhole hints are only a guideline for the punk rock fan but not a certainty; every one will hear something else, which means that these guys are good and rock with dignity. I’d put more money on the band than double zero, and bloody hell are we desperate to hear those previous efforts. Classic!
- Concrete WEB

"Sparechange00 hits Germany or Somewhere?"

Sparechange 00 - ...At First Sight (Cargo Records)
Stil: straighter Emo-Punk
Medium: CD

Wenn Steven mir mit einem Grinsen eine CD in die Hand drückt, dann bedeutet das meistens was gutes und so war es auch in diesem Fall. Man, wo gräbt der bitte immer nur diese Bands aus? Das drei Mann Trio aus Ohio spielt sich mit " first sight" auf jeden Fall in die erste Liga der emotionalen Punkbands und müssen sich vor Kollegen wie Face to Face, No Motiv oder Saves the Day sicherlich nicht verstecken. Gleich der erste Track "heading out into the night" kracht gleich dermaßen, dass man aufpassen muss, dass der Finger nicht an der Repeat Taste festwächst. Die Jungs haben den Dreh auf jeden Fall raus und vor allem die meist leicht rotzige, aber immer noch angenehm zu hörende, Stimme des Sängers verleiht der Platte den gewissen Kick Extra-Charme, der die Jungs ganz schnell nach oben bringen kann. Hammerplatte!!
Kai (Wertung: 90%)

Schon beim allerersten Hören klappten mir hier vor Freude die Fußnägel hoch! Drei Burschen aus dem verträumten Ohio brettern melodischen, höchst eingängigen EmoPunk der 'Big Choice'-Phase von FACE TO FACE, ohne auch nur ansatzweise kopiert oder schon mal gehört zu klingen. Da ist Saft drin und Breaks und Rotz (coole Stimme!) und jede Menge Fingerpointing-Passagen und Mitgröhlrefrains. Der Ami würde dazu "catchy" sagen, icke sage "Top 5 Jahrescharts", verdammt!! Ick weeß nicht, wie viele Abende ich schon hüpfend vor'm Spiegel stand, Luftgitarre und -bass gespielt hab und auf die Couch gedivet bin, Mann, diese Platte ist der Burner, sie reißt von Null auf Hundertzwanzig mit...! Allein der Basslauf rockt dermaßen... Hey, bitte geht alle auf die und scheißt die Jungs mit Kommentaren zu, vonwegen sie sollen diese Truppe verdammt nochmal ganz fix nach Europa holen! Sowat Jutes habt'a lange nicht mehr jehört, so wahr ich Steven heiße! Amen.
Kai Wydra 9/10
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"Split Review"
The Story Changes/The Change Split CD
A Small Voice Screams World Records
Dayton, Ohio’s own The Story Changes come back with an ever-evolving lineup and a disc with four new rockers. The story changes play music in the vein of Hey Mercedes and Schatzi. Nothing new, but they do it well. All five of their songs are well-crafted rockers, guaranteed to make you rock your mop at least once. If you are looking to get a quick overview of this band this is a great start and I would suggest “Hockey Temper” and “Lights Out.” The Change (formerly sparechange 00) do nothing to let the other half of the disk down adding four solid tracks and an incredible acoustic cover of The Story Changes “The War.” This disc is perfect for fans of the Vagrant formula without paying the Vagrant price.
-Joe Anderl


Sparechange?/The Story Changes Split EP/ available on Confined Records
Fifty Thousand Moments EP on Cargo/GC Records
At First Sight LP on Cargo/Grilled Cheese Records
Has sincerity gone out of style? LP indy release
Give to the Poor, LP Firebrand records


Feeling a bit camera shy


Sparechange? is a four piece indie influenced rock and roll band from Canton Ohio. The band started out as a three piece in 1997, under the name $parechange?. Then they got a record deal with Cargo Music/Grilled Cheese Records out of San Diego CA. Due to the fact that their was another band in San Diego going by the name of Spare Change, Cargo Music felt it might be a good idea to change the name, or add something to it, to avoid problems. So the band changed their name to Sparechange 00 or Sparechange doublezero, which ever you prefer. Sparechange 00 released a full length called …at first sight, and a 5 song EP titled Fifty Thousand Moments. Sparechange 00 toured at least eight months out of the year, and played shows where ever they could get them. Sparechange 00 was honored on the front page of Canton’s premier local newspapers for logging over 150000 miles on our van in less then a year. Sparechange 00 played venues as small as 25 capacity, to ones as large as 5000 plus. Sparechange 00 had the opportunity to play along side many of our idols, and share the same stage with many of thier influences. It was truly a great time. Then in late 2001 Cargo Music announced that it would no longer be releasing any new music, or signing any new bands. Sparechange? was left without a record deal! The guys went back to Canton and began attending college, and playing regional dates. Since the band was not touring as much they had more time to write new music. In early 2004 Sparechange? recruited longtime friend Jon Geihsler as a 2nd guitar player, thus making them a four piece. Sparechange?, is currently recording new music, and will be hitting the road soon!