The Channel

The Channel

 Austin, Texas, USA

The Channel sound is a mix of psychedelic, pop and western tones. This is very much a family band, and the f primary members share songwriting duties and take the lead on their respective tunes. Their albums have all received national praise and college radio airplay, but their relative reclusiveness has kept the band very much under the radar while developing a strong cult following of die hard fans. There's certainly something here for everyone.


The Channel as a collective have been writing and recording music for over 15 years, but the core of the band, brothers Colby and Brent Pennington, have been writing music together since childhood. The brothers grew up in a loving household where music was encouraged, and the family sang together regularly. This made it an easy decision for the brothers to invite their younger sister, Heather, her husband, Andy, and various other friends and family into their creative world where country soul and pop hooks are king.

In 2001, The Channel recorded their first full-length album entitled ‘Tones are Falling,’ and C-Side Records eventually released the album in early 2003. Over the course of the next year, The Channel recorded a ten song LP entitled ‘Personalized’ with all five members sharing the songwriting and production duties. Released in late 2004, the record received many glowing reviews and was a hit on college radio, peaking at #74 on the CMJ 200. The Channel continued to record, and began to form two distinct collections of songs. As Jamie, friend and fellow bandmate, drifted in and out of seclusion, he put together ‘Sibylline Machine, while Colby formed the idea behind ‘Tales from the Two Hill Heart.’ ‘Tales of the Two Hill Heart / Sibylline Machine’ was released in August of 2006.

This brings us to the band’s current project, ‘Multi Goods & Services.’ Over the past three years the band has fit in recording and practicing as they can, while juggling other responsibilities of work, school, families, and children. Because the recording has been three years in the making, the band has compromised little, and has made an album they can be happy with from start to finish. Pop hooks and country tinges remain, but new equipment with greater capabilities have given the band the opportunity to better articulate their songs and ideas to tape. ‘Multi Good & Services’ is set to be released sometime in the Spring/Summer of 2012.


MULTI GOODS & SERVICES (2012) - C-Side Records

"Fittingly (lovingly), what we end up with are two albums that
generously balance one another out - both waltzing that fine line between albums that instantly awe while presenting themselves to near perfection" - Slightly Confusing to a Stranger

"The idea of a double album to some (including this humble reviewer) can be a daunting task to undertake, but The Channel will make the experience well worth your time. Whether it be Pennington's lovelorn musings on Two Tale Heart or the understated beauty of Reave's Sibylline Machine, The Channel will charm its way into your iPod (and
maybe even your heart)" - Treblezine

" If there is a sibylline prophecy to be taken from the album, it is that the label has the power to become a major force for Austin and the indie-pop scene"

PERSONALIZED (2004) - C-Side Records
"...if you are a member of the Channel, you have nothing to worry about. You are in a band that has created just about the best thing I’ve heard so far in this young year" - Delusions of Adequacy

"This is the sound of *the channel, harmony and melody courtesy of the Beach Boys, production techniques courtesy of Sonic Youth and Pavement" -

TONES ARE FALLING (2002) - C-Side Records
"...catchy and direct, with big hooks, a sense of humor, and ambitious orchestration that blends mild psychedelia and indie pop with shades of country-rock" - All Music Guide

"Quite Beatlesy and psychedelic, but with a charming feel like a faster Belle and Sebastian, this is sumptuous, sunny music, all Pet Sounds harmonies and production..." - SoundsXP

Set List

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