The Chaos Emerald

The Chaos Emerald


We're the hottest new hard rock band in the country, and in essence the ONLY hard rock band in the country. No bullsh*t high energy sleazy classic rock - but - with something relevant to say, great tunes, and a commercial sensibility.


On a bleak winter’s eve in late 2004, John Paul Scott and Jake Marshall - old friends and old enemies - renewed acquaintances, and set to work on their grand musical vision. Hard Rock, not heard in its pure form for many generations, was to be resurrected, and brought back to the people. Not just resurrected; but reinvigorated, and given new meaning for a new era. Scott wrote lyrics which expressed his disaffection and Marshall replied with epic riffs, and a sound was born. The sound of seething resentment, cynicism, bitterness; the sound of a return to classic musical values: deep, soulful vocals and wailing, sleazy guitars. With the songs written, the final element was added: the intense rhythms of Lugnut Butler. A year after forming, the trio finally showcased their radical vision, to an astounded audience, and rave reviews; the army of disciples is growing with every sell-out gig. The Girls in this Town (All look the same) is the first studio release, with more to follow. The revolution has begun…


The Girls in this Town (All Look the Same). Recorded April 2006. Available at and

Set List

No covers, cos with songs this good, we don't need them.