The Chaplins

The Chaplins

 Cleethorpes, England, GBR

If the Smiths didn't exist Grimsby four piece The Chaplins may have just invented them. There have been many pretenders to the throne vacated by Morrissey, Marr and the other two but few have ever managed to capture the magic, the mystery, the sheer majesty of the real thing. I'm A Hurricane is so good that Morrissey and Marr would be jealous that they never wrote it. Trust me this isn't just the usual blog hype it's the truth.


They were all born in the seaside town of Cleethorpes & what is is left of what was once one of the largest fishing ports in Europe, Grimsby.

Their songs are generally about how peoples hopes and ambitions can be dashed by reality in the most uplifting way possible. 'Absolutely everybody has a big dream, even the homeless tramp on the side street has big ambitions. For most, the reality of life swoops down and pushing ambition to the bottom of the pile but it doesn't mean that ambition isn't there. We have to drag it along with us the best we can!'

As long as you enjoy our music and spread the word... this should hopefully fill its self.


All tracks available to stream at : -

1. Held Up With Safety Pins (BBC Introducing Airplay)

2. Wanderer (DAB Amazing Radio Airplay)

3. I'm A Hurricane (DAB Estuary Radio Airplay)

4. Black Nights Amber Lights (To be released first quarter of 2012 as a mini movie)

5. Give Me Something To Shout About

6. Swiss Love

7. I Need Your Love

8. Thrill Of The Chase

Set List

30 - 45 minute set