The Charismatics

The Charismatics


Indie punk/pop that has a melodic, emo twist.


char·is·mat·ic [kèrriz máttik ] adjective
1.  having charisma:  possessing great powers of charm or influence
By shear definition, The Charismatics will charm the hell out of you with their own brand of modern punk/indie rock. Formed in 1999, the foursome is made up of Gabe Cespedes (bass/singer/songwriter), Chris Vecchio (drums), Julian Gavia (guitar/songwriter/backing vocals), and James Hollar (guitar). Strong influences from punk & hardcore bands like Fugazi, Descendants, and Jawbreaker (to name a few) help to shape The Charismatics sound, along with a love and respect for all kinds of music.
The Charismatics produced and financed their first demo in late 1999. This collection of pop/punk songs circulated the D/FW area, landing them on various skateboard videos and catching the interest of indie labels. Now, 2001 finds The Charismatics releasing their debut, self-titled CD on Stompbox Records. Produced by David Castell (Course of Empire, Buck Jones) with a little help from friends Zach Blair (Hagfish) and Dan Phillips (Slowride), “The Charismatics” is full of ten great, guitar driven, fist pounding tracks . The songs convey a wide range of emotions and cover a plethora of topics, from unrequited love to rage, substance use to social anxiety, the trappings of suburban life and to seeing the brighter side of things. Delivered through Gabe’s unforgettably sincere and clever words, Chris’ dynamic beats and expressive accents, and the complex and melodic gutar-work of James and Jules, The Charismatics music takes on an unmistakable thick, layered punk sound with an intriguing songwriting style and technical appeal that is fresh and new.
A tour of the US is scheduled for the fall, so come see why The Charismatics provide a more pleasurable rock and/or roll experience. (See Green Day, Foo Fighters, Weezer, the Get Up Kids)


2001 The Charismatics

Set List

60 minute punk rock set that includes cover tunes by The Ramones and Fugazzi.