The Charles Shaw Project

The Charles Shaw Project


Life. Love. Regret. Acoustic, melodic & intimate songs known for it's stark honesty and soulful introspection.


The Charles Shaw Project is an acoustic act hailing from Los Angeles California. Born in the chilling month of November 2005, the band is fronted by actress Aimee Lynn Chadwick (A CINDERELLA STORY, RETURN OF THE LIVING DEAD 4 & 5) and cult film director TJ Nordaker (THE JANITOR), The Charles Shaw Project produces melodic, intimate and mournful songs that are constantly evolving. The songwriting is known for it's stark honesty and soulful introspection that resist classification, but, because of their mostly guitar accompaniment, have sometimes been catagorized as folk music or the hybrid class folk-rock. The "Smile, pretty" EP, their first public offering, was a self-released collection of early demo home-recordings that was surprisingly well received despite the crude recording quality. In 2006 the duo expanded their line-up by recruiting Kelly Kusumoto (drums) and Kate Keough (stand-up bass) to broaden their sound. With very limited promotion the band has managed to garner a genuine following that continues to grow and defy an age demographic. Watch out for their debut LP in late 2007.


It's not your time

Written By: Aimee-Lynn Chadwick / TJ Nordaker

Flipping through the pages of my life.
The clock is stuck at 5AM.
I always said I'd never look Behind.
But find myself caught there again.
Broke down, because my heart is weak.
So much to say but can't find the words to speak. The road is rough, the way is long, I pride myself that I will stay strong.

You may just be blind to what you feel inside. I know I'll be's not my time

There's so many things I want to change. The world is a scary place. The wind it blows and blinds us from the light, but I know we'll be alright.

Say you're scared of water and you don't like pain yet you pierce yourself standing in the rain. And I know that it's a cross to bear but hold on strong...I know you'll make it there.

Repeat chorus

You may just be blind to what you feel inside. I know you'll be's not your time...


The "Smile, pretty" EP (2006)
"Daisy was a metaphor" LP (2007)

*The singles "smile, pretty" & "City of Lies" have been played on many college stations and podcasts.

Set List

1. Smile, pretty
2. Meet your old friend, you
3. City of Lies
4. Dandelions
5. Movin' on
6. not your time
7. Tightrope
8. Boxing Day

*Set is usually 6-11 songs depending on the line-up. We do all originals.