The Charles Warren Orchestra

The Charles Warren Orchestra


Powerful, Classic, Two Piece American Rock n' Roll Band specializing in unbelievably energetic live performances.


The Charles Warren Orchestra may be relatively new to the NYC music
scene, but their playing days date back to their pre-teen years.
Playing together since they were in 6th grade, CWO has developed a
unique rhythmic chemistry that allows Charles Warren and his one-man
orchestra to produce a powerful sound with limited manpower.

Drawing a great deal of inspiration from Jimi Hendrix, The Black Keys,
and Jack White, The Charles Warren Orchestra brings back the classic
sounds of the blues with a modern twist, creating a distinct, yet
familiar genre. Their songs cover a wide range of moods and tones,
from the venomous, raw sound of "Damage is Done," to the passionate
power of "Hard to Believe."

As for their live performances, these two pull out all the stops. The
Orchestra often rises to his feet playing the drums, while Charles is
down on his knees cranking out a vicious riff. Even if rock n' roll
isn't your cup of tea, these guys are worth seeing on stage.
At this early stage of their journey as a band, The Charles Warren Orchestra
has already brought over 100 people to Arlene's Grocery and opened for internationally touring bands such as Real Estate.

"Their set kicked off at 100 mph and it was nonstop grooving right up to the last chord." - The Waster


Church of Charles Demo (on our soundcloud page)

Set List

- Get Out My Way Child
- Really Want You
- Somebody Told Me
- Slide
- My Baby Gone Back Home
- Moonlight
- Damage is Done
- Find Myself A Lady
- Hard To Believe
- Alcatraz Blues
- Not Gonna Let You Down
- Tie Me Down
- Nobody Gonna See Me Cyrin'
- Taking My Time
...Always pumping out more

-Let's Build A Home (The White Stripes)
-Little Black Submarines (The Black Keys)
-Can You Get To That (Funkadelic)