the charos

the charos


were just looking to entertain and to enloy what we do. our sound varies from punky upbeat tunes to more melodic chilled tunes. most of our lyrics have a connected theme of every day enjoyments and annoyances that people can relate to.


our music in itself is only a part of what we are known for. our proformance is always energetic and eccentric. one of our latest songs, the dead end, is a hopeless comlaint about our local town, kilcullen. it tells of how the gard chased us down for underage drinking back in the day and how the best employment was drug dealing. our fans really enjoy this aspect to our band who, unlike alot of other bands whos lyrics are vague, have a clear story behind our tunes. we really enjoy to travel around as a band to play for new audiences who always love our ballads of long nights and our new sound.

Set List

we like to keep our options open so it depends on the venue. we always play our best originals such as broken flags, the dead end, new years and so on, all in or aound three minutes. our covers will usually inclued jumpin jack flash by the rollin stones, road house blues by the doors, trouble by the horeslips and then some that our more our style such as still take you home by the arctic monkeys, what a waster by the libertines and sometimes last night by the strokes. our repertoire is extensive but on stage our sets are usually around forty five minutes.