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"USC student record label strikes through with L.A. bands"

It can't be argued that the music industry of today is nothing like it was 20 years ago.

Plummeting record sales, bankrupt labels and digital releases are just a few of the challenges USC music industry students and alumni face in the ever-changing music market.

Matt Saltzman, a sophomore majoring in music industry, combated these challenges and used them to his advantage when he created StrikeThrough Records, USC's first student-run record label.

"Our main goal is to use licensing, publishing and shows to adapt to the changes in the industry. StrikeThrough Records is a project to figure out what is going to work and what we can use in the future to the best of our advantage," Saltzman said. "It will give us a better understanding on how to adapt."

His label, which he runs with Jimmy Matteucci and Anush Venkatesan, both sophomores majoring in music industry, represents seven up-and-coming Los Angeles bands, all of which are currently unsigned.

StrikeThrough Records works as a launchpad for these bands to reach the major labels by promoting a strong relationship between the musicians and artist and repertoire representatives, otherwise known as A&R reps, through its student organization.

"We have so many resources here at USC in terms of booking shows, and there are so many unsigned bands in the Los Angeles area - it just seemed like the perfect idea to start [a student-run label]," Saltzman said.

The Chase, a six-piece progressive rock band from the outskirts of Los Angeles, began working with StrikeThrough Records earlier this year after getting in contact with Saltzman through a mutual friend.

Contracts with StrikeThrough Records can last anywhere from six months to a year depending on when the bands sign with the label.

"It's a mutual business agreement; we don't have to put in more effort than they do," lead singer Brandon Covington said of The Chase's relationship with StrikeThrough Records. "They have been really supportive and are pretty much at all our shows."

The long hours and sleepless nights paid off for Saltzman when his record label secured The Chase a spot in the lineup of Springfest, USC's premier spring music festival, along with post-hardcore band Saosin.

"We are definitely excited to play Springfest. Saosin is a huge influence of ours and opening for them is great. Just getting our name on the same flyer as Saosin, I think we will be taken more seriously as a band," said Nick Awad, bassist for The Chase.

StrikeThrough Records worked alongside The Chase on everything from implementing successful marketing tactics to booking venues. Gaining this real-life experience is the main priority for the student-run label.

"Working with the bands, we get the experience of booking shows and managing talent. Second to that are the contacts we make through working with these bands. Networking is the key reason why a lot of us are doing this," Venkatesan said.

With the rapidly changing music industry, there is no telling exactly what direction record labels will take in the next five to 10 years. The narrow-mindedness of some labels often leaves bands such as The Chase frustrated with the whole signing process.

"Record labels are only investing their money in things they can sell quickly because they are only involved in the moment. People are afraid to listen to new music as a result of major labels playing it safe," Covington said.

Along with the reservations of the major record labels, The Chase cites the competitiveness of the Los Angeles music scene as a constant barrier to its success.

In addition to his work with StrikeThrough Records, Saltzman has also interned at EMI/Capitol Records and Uptown Recording in Chicago.

He has already secured recording time at the Chicago recording studio for his clients this summer.

"We have a couple of ideas circulating in terms of recording a full-length album. Matt is going to hook us up with a studio he has worked for in the past, and we are finishing the writing process right now. We want that to all be done before we go into the studio to record," Covington said.

For now, The Chase's five-track EP, "A View of the Sun from Underwater," is available on its MySpace page.

In addition, fans can access upcoming showtimes and read blog entries, and can purchase the album if they wish to contribute to the band's earnings.

Opportunities continue to present themselves for StrikeThrough Records. Saltzman hopes to provide a compilation album of the best student bands and artists by the end of this year and distribute it to the USC community.

"We definitely have plans to expand. We have two more years with this and want to see where it goes. We basically want to build the biggest community so that when people access our website, they can find a bunch of different genres that anybody would like," Saltzman said.

- For more information on StrikeThrough Records, visit
- USC /The Daily Trojan

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International Pop OverThrow
The Chase-Fresh out of the studio from recording their first EP, A View O f The Sun From Underwater, The Chase is a visionary group focused on doing the one thing that everyone strives fro, but few ever achieve...Changing music for the better. Through the use of carefully thought-out rhythm's, soulful, steaming guitar licks, and classical moving piano lines, and soaring, realistic, and catchy vocal melodies, The Chase embodies the true essence of rock in its purest form.
www.internationalpopoverthrow.comor - Intenational pop overthrow

"Students staging benefit to help Africa"

The students of Bourgade Catholic School are staging a benefit concert for the hungry and thirsty of Africa for no other reason than to do the right thing. -


A View Of The Sun From Underwater EP (2008)



The Chase is one of the newest, freshest sounds to hit the music scene since the immersion of bands such as Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, and Blink 182.

Fresh out of the studio from recording their first EP, "A View Of The Sun From Underwater", The Chase is a visionary group focused on doing the one thing that everyone strives for, but few ever achieve... changing music for the better. Through the use of carefully thought out rhythms, soulful, steaming guitar licks, classical moving piano lines, and soaring, realistic, and catchy vocal melodies, The Chase embodies the true essence of rock in its purest form.

Since the inception of the group in early 2007, the 6 members of The Chase have been driven for change, and have been constantly aware of the shifting tide of today's music industry. From small bars and coffee houses, playing in front of 10 people, to large schools, playing for hundreds, they have made their mark on every ear that has heard their music.

At this point, The Chase has played to thousands in their local and state community, and are in the planning stages of branching out to their first interstate touring stint. This dedicated group of musicians, that spend every day of the week working for their dream, whether it be writing new music, to scheduling performances, practicing instruments, and promoting themselves, are currently in the process of writing their first full length album (still to be titled), is working hard to become more in touch with their ever growing fan base, through the use of merchandise, all the way down to making sure they do not leave a show until anyone who was their to see them has had the opportunity. Even the fans that visit their website get star treatment as the band operates and maintains their web communities completely on their own, and they make an effort to make a personal connection with their local and out of state fans on a day to day basis.

"But why 'The Chase'?" In our lives, we are all chasing something; the perfect job, the perfect girl, even the perfectly aged wine. The Chase is a message, a call out to all of those who would receive it, that says, "You can achieve your dreams, as long as you are willing to put everything you have into it." We are all chasing something, what are you chasing?

So with a sound that would make even Bigfoot come out of hiding, The Chase is a force to be reckoned with. And to all of those skeptics out there, all one needs to do is listen, because even though three minutes may not seem like a very long time, it's all The Chase needs to alter a life. No matter the genre, good music is universal and the will of The Chase knows no boundaries.