The Chase

The Chase


The Chase wield a framework that combines drop-kick aggression and subtle fret gymnastics with infectious melodies and throw a bit of classical piano in the mix.


The Chase is one of the newest, freshest sounds to hit the music scene since the immersion of bands such as Incubus, Rage Against The Machine, Nine Inch Nails, and Blink 182.

Fresh out of the studio from recording their first EP, "A View Of The Sun From Underwater", The Chase is a visionary group focused on doing the one thing that everyone strives for, but few ever achieve... changing music for the better. Through the use of carefully thought out rhythms, soulful, steaming guitar licks, classical moving piano lines, and soaring, realistic, and catchy vocal melodies, The Chase embodies the true essence of rock in its purest form.

Since the inception of the group in early 2007, the 6 members of The Chase have been driven for change, and have been constantly aware of the shifting tide of today's music industry. From small bars and coffee houses, playing in front of 10 people, to large schools, playing for hundreds, they have made their mark on every ear that has heard their music.

At this point, The Chase has played to thousands in their local and state community, and are in the planning stages of branching out to their first interstate touring stint. This dedicated group of musicians, that spend every day of the week working for their dream, whether it be writing new music, to scheduling performances, practicing instruments, and promoting themselves, are currently in the process of writing their first full length album (still to be titled), is working hard to become more in touch with their ever growing fan base, through the use of merchandise, all the way down to making sure they do not leave a show until anyone who was their to see them has had the opportunity. Even the fans that visit their website get star treatment as the band operates and maintains their web communities completely on their own, and they make an effort to make a personal connection with their local and out of state fans on a day to day basis.

"But why 'The Chase'?" In our lives, we are all chasing something; the perfect job, the perfect girl, even the perfectly aged wine. The Chase is a message, a call out to all of those who would receive it, that says, "You can achieve your dreams, as long as you are willing to put everything you have into it." We are all chasing something, what are you chasing?

So with a sound that would make even Bigfoot come out of hiding, The Chase is a force to be reckoned with. And to all of those skeptics out there, all one needs to do is listen, because even though three minutes may not seem like a very long time, it's all The Chase needs to alter a life. No matter the genre, good music is universal and the will of The Chase knows no boundaries.


It Could Be Worth It

Written By: The Chase

Lucky enough
or so some would call it
I felt the sting today of the cold hard truth
and I'm tellin' you that
It was worth every breath that I put into it
every word I said

So maybe I just need some time to write my thoughts down
and figure it out for myself
I know I'm not giving up just yet
'Cause sometimes you've gotta dive right in

But I'm not callin it quits
not when I've got so much left to say
If you could only feel my heart pound to the beat of this song
then maybe you would care to see another day

Dive right in

Being Haunted Isn't Quite As Interesting As You Might Think

Written By: The Chase

Here and now, I can tell
that my skin is growing pale
this house was built
on hallowed ground
and you will know when you hear that sound
that they're comming out
they're comming so close you can taste it in the air
so try to find a way to get out
break down every door and every window
'till you finally find a safe way home

I swear to god that I have seen a ghost
but it really doesnt bother me
I'm living with it every day
So light your candles
and say a prayer for me
It's only just another day

They're comming out of the cracks
and it's all that you can do
to keep from screaming
but wouldnt you know that if you checked my pulse you'd see
that I put absolutely no energy into keeping myself calm
I think we all should calm down
so calm down
calm yourself


A View Of The Sun From Underwater EP (2008)

Set List

Can range from 30-60 mins

1. Hope on the Horizon
2. Being Haunted Isn't As Interesting As You May Think.
3. Nothing But Space
4. Why am I so on Edge
5. It Could Be Worth It
6. Life After Life
7. Sometimes Its too Much to Stomach
8. As We Fall
9. Untitled
10. A View of The Sun From Under Water
11. Elysium

Bonus Track