The Chase Theory

The Chase Theory


Indie-Rock trio from Florida. Influences include Fugazi, Quicksand, The Police, Jawbreaker, Foo Fighters. Driving guitars, gripping bass-lines, solid percussion and melodic vocal harmonies.


The Chase Theory incorporates an array of styles and flavors into one complete package. Picture driving guitars mixed with gripping bass-lines, solid percussion and melodic vocal harmonies. This presentation draws upon a broad list of influences such as The Police, Fugazi, Hum, Foo Fighters, Quicksand and many others, all of which serve as a reference point for both their sound and their inspiration.

Their current album, “Our Enemies Are Invisible” was released in September of 2003 on Onedaysavior Recordings. Picking up where their EP had left off, “Our Enemies Are Invisible” integrates the pace of their earlier efforts - undeniably catchy and refreshing music with great lyrics and toe tapping melodies. Garnering new fans at every tour stop, The Chase Theory have developed their unique and energetic live performance. Their music continues to reach new listeners every day.



Written By: The Chase Theory

Take what you can get. Are you satisfied? It follows you home. In your own defense, play the hostile witness. It follows you home. What if you said you did your best? Have you any regrets? Place your bets, face your debts. Have you any regrets? Things you did, things you said. You made your bed. Have you any regrets? Silhouette. Get your money back. That's not in the contract. It follows you home. Turn your blue sky black. You're the willing subject. It follows you home.


Written By: The Chase Theory

In a battle with your ego and your insecurities. On and on, you're searching for nothing less and nothing more than everything that you wish you could be. I found the weakness, the break in your defense. The battle's over. You battle with your sickness, and you can't find a cure. On and on, the same old fight, every day and every night, never knowing what you're fighting for. I found the weakness, the break in your defense. The battle's over. Take down the tense.


"Emo Diaries, Chapter III" - compilation (Deep Elm)
"Scrapbook" - full length (self released) 1999
"In Pursuit of Excellence" - 5 song EP (OneDaySavior Records) 2002
"Our Enemies Are Invisible" - full length (OneDaySavior Records) 2003

Set List

Our set list varies, but currently looks something like this:

Pharaohs & Kings
Walter the Charmer
Sunrise (previously unreleased)
Blood Red (new song; tentative title)
Waking the Dead

Our set usually runs 35 to 40 minutes.