The Cheap Motels

The Cheap Motels


The Cheap Motels is a hybrid of indie rock, 80's glam, and 90's alt rock. These three females, wielding instruments, create sonic landscapes with stories that captivate you and bring you along for the ride.


The Cheap Motels are the mental music of Bill Nye the Science Guy .An alternative rock band based out of Thousand Oaks California, these three females create pleasantly noisy sounds with temperamental guitar lines, seductive vocals, and baroque drums. The line up consists of Maxeene Davlin (vocals, bass), Rach White (Guitar, vocals), Kay Grey (Drums).

Their first EP entitled the Existence Period has rapidly gained them popularity, and they are currently working on their second EP and music video, both to be released this year.They have played at a variety of venues such as The Roxy, The Canyon Club, Topanga Days, The Rack, and more. We are the class of 85 born 35 years late, nostalgic for a time period where we didn't exist. Making music never heard for the modern world.


The Existence Period

Set List

King King
Another Day
Little Grave
Social Ocean
Daddy Issues
Breaking Down Atoms
Wanna Go