The Chelsea Daggers

The Chelsea Daggers

 Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

The Chelsea Daggers are a 3 pc, Ultra-Garage Rock Power Trio. Powerful, ominous vocal stylings, supreme guitar riffage so sharp it can draw blood, and thunderous, bombastic drums. Simply put, this is the future of great American Rock Music!


It’s not often that three artists, all from unique walks of life and all with talent bursting at the seams, can come together and form a power trio so quickly. The Chelsea Daggers have a one of a kind, organic sound that can best be described as powerful.
At any given show, you will see lead vocalist Sirenn belting out orginal hits and crooning lyrics that drip with venom, as she entertains a never ending sea of doting fans night after night. Complimenting her sumptuous sounds are Shock Remington on guitar and Zoltan Zoltan on drums, equally powerful in their talent, and so well harmonized that each song feels like it’s coming from one dynamic and perfectly blended musical force.
Hailing from Charlotte, Tampa and New Orleans respectively, the Chelsea Daggers started making sweet music shortly after getting together a year and a half ago in Charlotte. Encouraged by the creative genius of bands like Led Zeppelin, Earl Greyhound, and Jon Spencer’s Blues Explosion, the band draws inspiration from their personal influences when working and developing their own unique style.
Their formula for success stemmed from the desire to put together a group using three fundamental elements - guitar, organ, and drums ala' The Doors, and keeping their music true to those sounds. The Chelsea Daggers wanted to see how big of a sound they could actually create without the use of other instruments. Needless to say they have succeeded.
Gaining such high levels of achievement can only come from an absolute dedication to perfecting their craft, which often entails setting certain limitations on the band that would allow for more efficient results. When recording, not only are they limited to three instruments, each member gets only one take to get his or her part recorded . As drummer Zoltan Zoltan says, they do this because “It retains the initial energy of the song…and, you only get one take when you play it live.”
Their songs are an uncompromising combination of raw, bluesy stripped-down guitar riffs, masterful percussion that often comes together as one powerful and unyielding low end thud, and lush vocals that can range from uproarious bellows down to sultry whispers, and boast Sirenn’s incredible range.
With this much creative synergy flowing amongst them, the Chelsea Daggers stay motivated in further developing their instrinsic skills and maintaining their well deserved status as THE power trio of music today.


Release date 10-25-11